Color.. Color!

Did you play the game... "Color Color, what color do you want?". It is a group game in which you have to spot the color uttered by the leader. It was a silly childhood game played generally when you don't have the power which makes it a little complicated to recognize the colors followed by too many arguments justifying your assumption of the color for a color which was actually not the color to be spotted.

Recently, I came across this picture and it simply looked very confusing yet so full. It has an alliance of colors which made it look so magnificently rich in its thoughts. Although it is so abstract, I just tried to understand what it could mean: free-mind, intense, disorderliness, creative, obscure, crazy, trance, bliss etc. Such a variance of emotions captured in one picture is simply amazing! Also, colors are not just for wall- paintings, it has religious, cultural, political and social influences. They vary symbolically and emotionally from culture to culture and person to person.

In our English literature, colors have got very profound substance than the VIBGYOR and its combinations. And each color in turn can have various implications. For instance, Red - Passion, Love, Anger, Danger, Violence, Christmas etc. Of-late our usage has become "I am Blue", "She is so Green", "His ideas are so Pink", "He is already turning Gray" etc. Colors in the form of adjectives, which is a transformation from being nouns.

There is a significant study on colors to improvise your life style. Be it how to decorate your house to impress your guests or how to glorify your website which can increase your viewer hits or package your products to attract consumers. The reason this happens is because we all react intuitively to colors (Psychology subject) and there is nothing we can do about this. A few believe that colors are powers and that colored stones are powerful.

Imagination is all colors. Have you ever dreamt of a place that you would want to go to before you kick your bucket? Wasn't that place full of colors? (If not, you are already in vegetation :-D) I don't think words can ever fulfill anyone's Utopia! To give a simple snapshot of what we would be without colors, check out the image below.

In short, if your life currently is all gray.... add colors of joy to it by doing anything and everything... because everything literally is just colorful with a pinch of open-mindedness.   

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The Furobiker said...

you remember as a kid, we used to have a toy called kaleidoscope or something like that.. just turn it around, and you can see a new colored image with small glass pieces inside.. i remembered that when i saw the image in your post!

Good one!

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