Philosophical Identity

There were times when we used to laugh at any "philosophical gyan"... I mean any person uttering on values, knowledge and reasons... How ignorant we were to look at the most insignificant things under the largest microscope and with the greatest impatience.. But then sooner or later you will realize that the only source of knowledge is experience and there is noway you can go without appreciating the true philosophy!

Philosophy helps you have a perspective... not influenced by your friends, family or the closest society around... I think its absolutely essential to come out of the closet and open up... you might not follow what others do but that would not hamper what you think... and you would appreciate others as much although they are totally different beings... and there comes the greatest accomplishment... Acceptance!

Human body is too complicated to be similar with any one being... who are we to decide what is right and wrong for everyone.. to the max we can decide what we want.. I don't think its humanly possible for me to control my family, sister or my husband.. and the reason is why should I? Isn't it better to accept the person as is?

It is very difficult to not to be judgemental.. Specially when you are in the safest guards... It takes a lot of exposure (experience and people) to finally realize why is it important to not mind what everyone thinks.. There was a point when my first step before I think of an idea to act on was "what would everyone think if I do this?" But now, I say that the person would neways think so how does it matter?

With the routine that we have, it is just not possible to be perfectly objective... But we can make an effort day in and day out defining who we are and what we want... rather than what everyone expects of you or what you are supposed to be... Mind you, routine is doing the latter anyways so don't forget to identify yourself as you grow!


The Furobiker said...

good philosophical post

Unknown said...

I'm in tears after reading this post. You are an eye opener.

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