Six months - Postpartum

This is the month when my DD started going to her creche! As much as I was prepared, the separation is indeed a reality and a challenge to overcome for a mother. I went to creche with her for a week every day and it was difficult to imagine how my baby will adjust to the new environment - how will she sleep in noise? how will she be able to rest in light? will she cope with the other babies etc.? To add to the trauma, on the last day of this 'familiarization week' another baby dropped a bottle on my daughter and my baby wailed out (more out of shock that I realized later).!It was indeed a massive emotional burden and guilt for a mother to leave her baby with someone else. But after all the internal questioning, I finally had to let her be by herself! 

She picked up cold from creche within the 1st week of joining - to add to it and in turn, it was passed on to me quickly and I suffered for 2 weeks with a rigid and sticky cold! It was an experience for all of us but we are surpassing each hurdle at a time as we have been doing since her birth. 

Creche is a big change for a baby - all the efforts put in sleep training had gone for a toss as the babies, without expressing through words, go through some stress with new faces, new methods, new bed etc. One of the caretakers mentioned it to me that my daughter opens her eyes wide for every noise as she is trying to accustom herself to the new society without her parents around and all by herself. This is the first big change babies go through after their birth so it takes time and effort to cope. And all their established routine completely changes and a new routine will be formed. 

On a positive note, since day 1 at creche, I was able to notice her independent character in comparison with other babies. My baby smiles at everyone to make her surroundings friendly. I have seen other babies quietly interrogating, some cry and some are indifferent - but the daycare is able to bring out their individuality at such a young age. And its marvelous how babies adapt so quickly to anything! We underestimate babies as they are literally tiny but they have such transformational qualities starting with the childbirth itself when they are taken out from the most comfortable mother's womb! 

Other than the usual cold and cough, she is doing well and eating well - she loves her purees and compotes more than her milk now! And all her free time at creche she is doing all attemps to balance herself en quatre pattes.

All in all... an independent new era has already begun for her...

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