The come back

My daughter is now 2.5 years old so I literally did not touch my blogspot for nearly 2 years now. Every day seems long, working week to weekend as a routine, but when you measure wider span of time years go by in a swish! 

India celebrated Holi on the 8th of March this year. Given it fell on a week day and given we are a bit far away from 'real' Indian culture, we celebrated this occasion on Sunday, 12th of March, with our limited group of Indian acquaintances in Paris area. It was during this time I was catching up with one of the Indian families who we got familiar with recently. She took me by surprise by acknowledging my blogs and was wondering why did I stop blogging at all. So, it got me back to this website today to scribble my thoughts on...

I don't want to give excuses directing towards my little one but indeed things have changed drastically after the baby. Most of the times its a boon, even if extremely tired as there is a day to day learning and just the sheer happiness looking at her grow, play, laugh and love. Her little milestones bring such a merriment to us which we would never have experienced otherwise. 

Given my daughter is in her terrible twos where she is going through several emotions and her lack of vocabulary or speech is rather making her frustrated from time to time, sometimes you wonder where was that life when you had absolute peace at home to binge-watch / read a book / write a blog / chat away with friends on mobile etc. Moreover, perhaps it's my short-term memory loss but I can't seem to recollect precisely how those days went by and all I can think of is to follow this new routine with new rules and new plans for holidays. 

Holidays - living in France the kids don't seem to get enough of their holidays. My daughter will join her school from September this year and literally they get 2 weeks of holidays after every 45 days. I don't want to compare to India but it really is a luxury given what we had to go through back when I was studying (we went to school even on Saturdays!). Now, it is a next step to figure out how to entertain her during those holidays that seem to come before the previous one ends. 

Our social group expanded to match our daughter's playmates - we particularly make an effort to mingle with parents who have kids around her age so she can be busy. One of our cousins, who visited us during the X-mas break, was surprised to see our change in lifestyle pattern - no clubbing, no going to Paris later in the evening for dinners, friends coming over for gouter (not dinners or lunches as it clashes with either nap / bedtime) and most importantly new years with a bunch of babies (no poker or any board games)! 

Long story short - things have changed but I will still try to take time out to express my thoughts and any interesting encounters that I find worthy of sharing. 

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