Four months - Postpartum

H.O.P.E. - Hold On, Pain Ends

The above fact not necessarily pertains to physical pain but the emotional turmoil as well. Things start to get interesting after the 4th trimester as the baby starts to play independently. It is always amusing to watch a baby play - trying to grab things, kicking, trying to turn to a side etc. 

To our surprise, our baby is starting to take the least interest in video chats - unfortunate for the family back home but the screen time has naturally come down and she is more interested to see things around her. She can be quite rude to express that she has lost interest in paying any attention on video chats - she turns her head to the opposite side with a firm muscle strength. Nevertheless, it is the baby play that is more amusing as they can't really reciprocate yet to whatever is said to them at this age (and for foreseeable months ahead, so have I heard!).

Baby vision gets clearer in this month so you, especially mothers get their lovely smiles for their sheer presence around them. Finally, this feels like a majestic feat after all the postpartum things that had taken a toll on mother's body - suddenly, we feel lighter when our love is reciprocated with their beautiful, cute smiles. Smiles also get longer during this time!

From a woman point of view, you will start gaining strength in the joints and are able to easily squat and get up with the baby. This is indeed a great way to feel normalcy as you are gaining back your full strength. However, I still have loads to shed before I reach my pre-pregnancy weight. It seems like a humongous task at hand within no silver lining in sight!

I am continuing with my physio, specific to the perineum area, which is definitely helpful and if nothing, this is the time when you talk exclusively about yourself and your well-being and you feel like taken care of. Note that as much as you are responsible for your baby and think about her all the time, you clearly need to take care of yourself for the baby to be healthy mentally and physically. 

As much as I feel nostalgic for having already completed my 4th trimester, I am glad to have entered this new and more engaging phase as your hard work indeed is getting certain recognition in terms of baby growth and baby acknowledgement!

Not to forget, at the end of the 4th month there is a vaccination (the first one done at the end of the 2nd month) and this only shows that my baby is growing and gaining her immunity slowly! 

Look forward to more interesting milestones ahead....

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