Five months - Postpartum

My daughter's fourth month lasted from 22 Dec '20 to 21 Jan '21 - as you can see there is a bye-bye 2020 in this period so its already a good phase. But all in all I guess things are getting better and better as she is able to sense us more and more. 

One of the biggest milestone hits in her 5th month is turning back to belly - she did it at the age of 4.5months. It was both funny and alarming to see this achievement as it included lots of sweat and screams! It is amazing how babies' brain directs them to do certain things at each phase. Every morning this used to be her mission on her play gym. Even after surpassing this milestone, she kept doing it until she absolutely professed the act. Eventually, she was doing it more to stiffen her neck n spine. 

When she is not trying to turn to belly, her extreme concentration is on her hands. It's like a magical thing to her trying to intertwine the two hands. As soon as she is fully awake on her bed in the morning, she raises her hands up starts scrutinizing. She must be wondering why are they shaped the way they are and how can she use them to get her things done - well she needs to wait for just a little longer to understand the real and immense usage of these wondrous hands as she grows. 

She is trying to find new voices every day and doesn't shy away to scream them out. The most popular sound has been like a motor running that comes with tongue rolling. She can do all these by herself or engaging with us. 

Smiles have definitely become a common thing as she recognizes us more. When we try to engage with her she feels happy and smiles even more acknowledging and appreciating our effort. She also start to mimic our expressions although this is not quite steady as her brain is busy directing her to several things already :-)

Finally, we began her solid food journey at the end of her 5th month. Her first ever solid food was carrots. We were super excited to feed her solids and her instant and reflexive reaction was to spit it out! I got the counsel from fellow mothers and was assured that this was very common and she would adapt in no time! Let us see if 6th month brings any bright news on this front!! :-)

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