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Pranav is a spoilt-sport. Being a single child to his affluent parents, he always managed to get whatever he had wanted. He undoubtedly carried a common trait in the given circumstances, arrogance. However, he never had a dearth of friends, thanks to his riches. It was not late before he learnt that his wish was everyone's command

As he grew up, his performance in studies were at crumbling levels. But he was blessed with footballing techniques which eventually made him a top class football player. Soon he was the captain of the school team and then state level and finally a national level player. There was no limit to his confidence because of his success at every step. In the course, he failed to try not to become a man of success but a man of value.

By the time he reached 19, he was recognized nationally in the Indian football society. Everyone expected that he would be part of India football team in the coming years. He did not expect anything like that. He rather thought he was already a part of the team. Many a time, his parents tried to talk to him on how to plan on future and handle success. He was always irritated and scowled back at them saying, "I am already a star and none can beat me!". He never even considered the possibility of "If Not". Being a national level player, moreover in football, he always assumed himself to be the coolest person ever existed.

The selections for India football team were at his door-step and he started practicing severely for the same. There was an interview scheduled for the prospective players couple of days before the selections. There were several  competitive players around him but he always disregarded them. The night before the interview, his father called him and explained to him the importance of diplomacy when on National Channel. He detailed the pros and cons of success and how to manage it smartly. Not only did he ignore his dad's wisdom, he had also narrated how successful he was compared to his dad who just inherited his parent's ancestry.

As expected by anyone who knows Pranav, he demeaned several prospective players on National television and high-lighted the underlying point that the India football would be of no value without him. What came next was a shock to him.

The following morning, Pranav was all over the media. They went to the extent of logically abusing Pranav and put forward the opinion that such players are a shame to the team and given the attitude, can never take India to next levels. The decision team not only removed him from the trails, but also asked him to quit from footballing forever. He abused and shouted his heart out as much as he could. But he eventually realized that he couldn't do anything but accept the failure!

There were several well-wishers who tried to make him see what challenges he was going to face. And showed the warning signs of being famous. But he always underestimated any good conveyed to him insolently. May people do not have a fortunate chance that he had. But with his pride, he never noticed what a bad omen ignorance to good is and what would happen if you don't take preventive steps to attain the real success!!

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Anonymous said...

What! You caught me off guard by writing "prevent bleeding gums and use colgate" :-) you're funny. I like the blog.

~ Ritchell

Divya Khanna said...

This only shows that you were engrossed with the writing :-D

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