Housing Troubles!!

I joined my new office in December. First day I met her while talking about her housing troubles... that she had to find a room-mate!! Its June now and I still get to hear the same subject from her - "Divya... I have to find a room-mate, man!!". All was going well for her until her room-mate left for the US. It is actually funny when you hear about her day-to-day stories on room-mate-hunting. And I thought I would jot down here for you to instill some entertainment on my otherwise infrequent blog!!

After CFA, her next goal was to find a room-mate, like furiously, for the house. She had put up ads where not!- Magicbricks, olx, all the possible internet forums, all the possible notice boards in the world etc. She started getting calls from everywhere, girls, boys, brokers etc. Then she had to change - House available only for girls!! So started the stories...

One female calls up. She was a manager from the same office but from different team. She lives in West Delhi and wanted to avoid daily commute to Gurgaon everyday. My friend comes to me and says.."yar, she looks ajeeb you know. She must be old also. Moreover, she is a manager but falters while speaking several times!! I am not sure, man!" And then the offer was gone in any case because the manager wasn't willing to shell out 12.5k!!

Another female calls her up from the same office. She started chatting up with my friend on the office communicator. We went to her official profile page and checked out a few lines which she described about herself - "I am XXX. I am fun-loving, easy-going, sensitive and sentimental girl (we rolled our eyes!). It does not take much to please me. I am short-tempered and I get mad easily sometimes. I am so cool to hang-out with, you can ask my friends.. blah blah". Firstly, it was supposed to be an official page and we literally did not want to know how she manages to be easy-going and short-tempered at the same time!!

On a fine day an elderly person called her to check the house out for his daughter. My friend went to meet him during lunch hours. His questions were - "You guys party right?", "You guys should not be to yourself reading and all", "My daughter is full of josh always" etc etc. After all the non-conventional confirmation, the girl still backed out for asking her to meet before moving in as the girl wanted to move in right next day.

And the stories continue.. A girl backed out as guys weren't allowed in for night stays. One girl wanted to share with her friend and did not understand the economics when the room rent increased to 15k when two people shared etc.

In the end, it is almost a daily gossip for us to discuss her hunting episodes which is like the most important issue in her life presently. And she manages to bring up all the energy to share her housy-tales to each and every person on the floor.

Although its written on a funny note, I genuinely hope that she gets a roomie soon and takes a breather. She had also promised me for a treat at Big Chill provided she gets a roomie by the end of the week.  Fingers crossed!! :-D :-D

FYI - On top of all this, her 2nd roomie is also leaving next month! Only to increase the burden. God help her!! :-) :-)


ram said...

its quite common experience for most of the working professionals in initial days.

kapil.ricky said...

phew :p

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