Confusion Tickled the Cat!

Time and again you see the great preachers using the proverb... "Curiosity Killed the cat!" which means this and introduced by Shakespeare in the days of yore. Of-late I am noway curious but just confused most of the times. Now you see, don't think that I was born confused. Its just that the changes I have been going through for the past five months proved me a few things which I would not have learnt otherwise. So comes the self-quoted - "Confusion Tickled the Cat!". Let me put it in the point format which might make it easier for the readers:
  • I got married and yes it does sound heavy! Not only that but to a Punju guy. To be frank, before shaadi it was just "the guy" but now its the "Punju Husband". Not that anything is wrong with anything at all. But yes, it is definitely confusing to face the new culture, customs, formalities, relatives etc. I am glad to say that I am gradually recovering from the confused state and able to justify what is what, but this is essentially one of the vital reasons for getting tickled in the past few months.
  • I moved from Hyderabad to New Delhi. I did my MBA from Delhi. However, it is altogether a different thing settling in Delhi. Its more planned than Hyderabad and I took close to 3-4months to understand how to go from C4 to C2 in a C Block. In West Delhi, every block has a small market and you need to mug up directions to and from the market to reach your house. Before I forget, these markets have anything and everything - Eat-outs, chemist, grocery, fruits, veggies etc. It was confusing initially but now its rather a convenience!
  • Language is not as such a barrier to me but the bullet-train-speeding-spoken-Hindi in Delhi is never my cup of tea. Obscure!! I am not sure if ever I will outgrow of this illiteracy to understand it but I have managed to SMILE appropriately whenever I can't comprehend a thing. You see this can have a few negative implications as well. For instance, I was smiling at something which was about how someone cooks. And apparently, I was supposed to say "No you cook well". But with a smile I rather agreed that she really cooks awful. But trust me this is very rare and I can give an allocation of about 20% so its a shield for me even if inefficient.
  • I quit my old job and moved to new job in Delhi. Newness is baffling always. On a real positive note, people here are nice to mingle with. But while in my previous job I was the youngest of the lot even when two batches came after me, here I am really an old goat. Although it was quite annoying to accept the fact initially, I have eventually come to terms. More so, the conversations that I keep hearing around have made me realize that I am so damn grown!!! For example, it confuses me when people discuss if they are really asking me to explain or are they kidding? Yo-yo Honey Singh (Rap singer - so they call) is cool or disgusting with his lyrics??I can never fathom and have given up on even trying... They are young and out of hands now :-D
  • Cooking!! I used to chuckle earlier. Cooking was a chapter which was totally unexplored by me
    5months ago. But now, I am a cook who can serve hot Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani! I can now understand the ingredients of a dish just with a spoonful and make a mental note of the same. This has actually bewildered my Mom and just amused me!! :-D
Life changes... It might surprise or confuse you. Either ways you have to get up, get on and get going.... And these temporary phases, which are inevitable, can just tickle you. Laugh it away! :-)


The Furobiker said...

tickle tickle :)

Finally, there is an update on your blog! Nice read. actually.

Swati said...

I just hope u r loving it all!!!:)

Pal n Pen said...

Good one Divya...i get the sound bites of Two States


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