The French Connection!

This post is particularly dedicated to a friend who is 1000s of miles away from me and who still cares and prays for me. Someone who never judges me for the way I am but just accepted me in those three months that we were in France - Ritchell.

I was going through a confused path for a week and the reasons are unknown to me. I know the solution is simple as long as I identified it. And after several days, I just pinged and asked her if she had time for me and we instantly got on call, listed out confusions, pros and cons and what I want in life. So here I am with a clear head and the strength that I am sure blessed upon just by opening up myself to her. May be its time I turn  the clock and go back in time to France (something which I will cherish for life).

I went to CERAM (now SKEMA) through an exchange program. First day was dull, somber and sad. I always hated first days. First day when I was in LKG, Primary school, graduation, post graduation and also at CERAM. May be I just don't like too many new things to face!

I met a few people that day. I am really happy to meet two specific people, Ritchell and Chris (who would be visiting my wedding in Delhi too). My life in France would not be so eventful without them. Not that we think alike, in fact, we are so very different. But we like the way we are :-)

My first trip out of Antibes was to Nice. I still feel that Nice had the best sky-blue beach of all the beaches in French Riviera. Also made a visit to Cannes with a friend of mine and had long walks on a bright sunny day. I had a special feeling that I had been to Cannes but on a whole its just the same! At least from the scenic point of view.

The place that was quite different was Grasse. Quite a day that was! It was a School-Nice-Grasse-Cannes-Home trip. We did not have any plan and it was drizzling continuously. It seemed like Indian hill station. I loved the scenery and the scent of whole place with perfumeries. It was a small country-side with beautiful houses and lawns. The flash of the place still reminds how amazingly green it was :-)

Lyon was another trip where I spent valentine weekend (without one)! It is the biggest city in France after Paris. But the very new experience I had there was feeling the snow, literally from the sky! I remember looking at the sky to figure out the source but ended up accumulating snow on my face! Ritchell was with me. It was one of the best moments in my life when I actually felt and saw the ice-capped roads and lakes. So white and so peaceful.

There are so many more trips and lot many memories with the place. Have you ever felt that you, yourself can be the best companion? I had such serene experiences which are difficult to put in words. But those were the times when I was smiling at myself. I thought the evening rays on my skin made me more beautiful and the rays onto my eyes exuded the happiness out of my eyes as a reflection!

Europe has always been a childhood fantasy to me and I have cherished every aspect of my French trip. Next stop is Italy and hoping for the same warmth :-)

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Anonymous said...

Aaw, thanks Divya. You're also bringing back many memories of France for me. I miss that part of my life. One thing I wish we could sometimes do is to go back in time and re-experience many beautiful memories.

I miss you friend.


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