Lockdown scenes

They say that it is the journey that matters and not the destination. It is often difficult to predict a life that had a potential to go in a different way. And in all honesty, there is no point pondering over the path that was never taken. Sometimes it is our choice to take a different route and sometimes you don't have an option - like the one we are going through today with the prevailing pandemic.

End of the year 2019, the year 2020 was laid out differently in my mind. And today, we are in plan D or E as things will not go the way we assumed they would. Having said that, sitting at home with full internet connection and busy week days is nothing in comparison to the lives of those brave souls who are facing the pandemic in the eye and especially those battling with it. Social media is all about the stats, facts, speculations and some conspiracies on the pandemic. Covid-19 is not what I want to touch upon today. It is the change that the world is going through...

Living in France where work from home is a bit touchy topic (say it cultural), people are conveniently doing 'télétravail'  today and working their way out remotely. With no other option, the companies have comfortably embraced the option and have, in fact, become more flexible.

After a long time, spring really looks and feels like spring time! Bird chirping not only starts and ends in the morning but continues till the twilight. A soothing glimpse for you below.

Mumbai, one of the busiest cities in the world scaring the non-human living beings away, has got a flock of flamingos happily breathing the life of the city. Indeed a miracle, especially if you had been to Mumbai before.

Lockdown scene in Mumbai
Indian rivers are known for their holiness and ironically for their dirt! With the lockdown in place, the rivers have automatically cleared up. Yamuna river that flows from the Himalayan foothills --> Delhi --> Agra (where Taj Mahal beautifully resides) --> Finally confluences with Ganga (holy river of India) is one of the most polluted rivers of India. I remember froth layering the river with industrial waste and natural human activities. Today, people are apparently not only able to see through the river but also spot fishes happily taking their swims!

Yamuna river near Delhi
The excuse of no-time-for-cooking has finally come to end during the lockdown. My insta feed, including my own self, is fully about people flaunting their sudden culinary skills. Personally, I have experimented with Indian (both south and north) and continental gastronomy which earlier seemed like a humongous task now feels like a delight to make it home whenever you feel like.

Many of you may be aware of the fact that 'bisous' (peck on the cheeks) is a common habit in Europe, specifically in France. It is a bit awkward for non-Europeans but generally you tend to adjust with the 'When you are in Rome' concept. With the pandemic at hand currently and social distancing strictly advised across the globe, this unnatural (for an Indian) customary practice might finally take a break in the European world!

Lastly, the biggest side effect I fear (as I can already feel it) is the tremendous shoot-up of the weight! We might end up feeling the below when the lockdown finally relaxes! 


Soumya said...

Nice blog👍. It's really surprising that waters of Ganga and Yamuna have become potable💁, not because crores of rupees spent under the name of Clean Ganga(or Yamuna) Project, but just because it needed a break🤷.
And, the last pic was hilarious. Locked-down again!! 😂😂

vandita said...

Summed it up so beautifully...
Well apart from the weight gain, I actually fear going out, as this gets over...
Frankly, I am more anxious about that!

Kiran Reddy G said...

Well composed...adding to the +ve aspect facet of lock down is the introspection of what's life is all about is nothing but to exist at first place. Every one is spending quality time with their loved ones which hardly be the case earlier.
Of course, there is a bigger dimension to the implications post kickdown lift. All it has to be self aware, cautious as this is not something settling down in the near future. Let's be as careful as we are now.

Kiran Reddy G said...

Typo..implications post lockdown**

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