Chasing la langue francais...

Risk-taking is always a gamble but it is worth it to have tested and tried than living a complete mundane life. After all my years of work experience, I have finally decided to take a step back and take a break to pursue something which has time and again put me to question myself on living in Paris.

So starting tomorrow I will be on a 'French' sabbatical break to try and see if I can rein in the language to a reasonable extent. It feels like a magnanimous effort which comes with considerable opportunity costs. Nevertheless, it is a worthy break I believe to get myself around French - which as anyone would agree, including the French, is not an easy one to get oneself comfortable with!

A few reliable sources explained to me that the reason French was structured in a challenging way, with a lot of exceptions, was to provide a hold of it only to some exclusive elite group in the world. It was considered to be a posh (still is to some extent) and global language years ago before English became the international language.

Pour moi, it is time to focus on French and justify my living in France. I will keep the blog updated on a regular basis to give some French tips based on my comprehension of the language. Stay tuned....

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