Travel and Travel

Its a great feeling when you leave your home in the morning and come back by night with no change at home but you are enhanced with so many mind full of rich experiences added to your life!

It took a while for me to realise that I truly enjoy nature's company... what started with a good company has become a habit now to constantly explore new places and learn the facts.. I should ideally be blogging every time I see something afresh but not all the time I can put everything into words considering the reasoning that I might not be doing justice to the grandeur...

So this year I covered 5 countries till date (even if one day stay counts) - the Netherlands, Germany, France, India and the UK. Each country is different in its own way... Rich in history and the way they portray it!

I believe Amsterdam somehow lacked high-lighting its Dutch heritage unlike the French and the English who don't hesitate to flaunt their extravagant history! Amsterdam did have a few authentic art and paintings displays but after France and Italy, you might just yawn looking at them. Nevertheless, Amsterdam is a very welcoming and hep place to visit... Its open culture is the key for its popularity and I don't mind visiting the place again but the intention would only be to enjoy the partying trend of it.

I can't speak much for Germany as the place I have been to was Cologne and I its so very German! People are nice but most of them can't speak English. They mind their business - not too much pride in themselves (the French) or attention for outsiders ( Amsterdam/ India). But then big cities like Frankfurt, Munich or Berlin might have something else to say..! Waiting for it :-)

Nice, France
My husband and I roamed enough of France to understand them including the bread and the wine! France is unbelievably beautiful and the French clearly know that. I won't mind even if they say that in their each sentence because I am truly awed that way. The beautiful Mediterranean touch will remain as thank-God-for-its-existence on my list. On the other hand, I find them very laid-back and they work really less. Shops close so soon including super markets! Their response time is too long! They do enjoy their lives but its a little inconvenience for me if I want to shop after office hours. And the French don't appreciate loud voice. Not a cup of tea specially if you are an Indian!

Living in the UK is a different version of beauty. It is so uniquely beautiful. The countryside is brilliant, palaces a great, London is buzzing and they speak very good English (considering its the origin!). It is very easy to mingle into the system as its very open to the foreigners. I see loads of Indians as well! One good thing about the place is they are mostly very helpful and they don't doubt to smile as their approach is polite most of the times. Unfortunately, its more expensive than any other European places I have been to so far and yes it does beat France! Phew!

This is just a brief jist of my experiences thus far but I have loads of memories with each place and each one was magnificent in its own way... I hope the number 5 goes up! But while I am in the UK there are so many things to explore... And

We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment!


ruchika dhingra said...

Wow, a true inspiration for people who love to travel!

Divya Khanna said...

You should hit it out too! soon!

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