Sweet Imperfections!

Whose life is perfect? Let me guess, may be none? I keep seeing people (include myself) striving for perfection. Even when we know that it will only lead to another imperfection and the quest starts all over again... Being perfect is an ideal state... and that should not be used at all in normal sense under any circumstances..

What will happen if everything is perfect about you.. You will tend to not accept the imperfections around you and eventually you will fall into the depression category anyways... Which is like dangerously imperfect state! So instead of going from one extreme passion to the other extreme disaster, lets just strike a balance in between and embrace the sweet imperfections and honest refinement in the same way.

In my professional life, I constantly keep hearing that the deliverable has to be absolutely perfect. Well trust me, its never 100% error free but then it could be sufficiently satisfactory. When it comes to life, it is just too complex to call what is perfect... If my friend can't stand anything lying around and sets it in place calling it a perfect place to live in and for me, may be, its just scary to keep everything in tact and freak out unnecessarily! 

I remember telling my husband that u should have sides to the blanket, as in keep a tag of what goes to head and toe and they should never be exchanged.... I still remember his looks... "I married a mental woman" :-P :-P... Not just that.. we had several trips to several hill stations... I used to literally hate the paranthas stand and chai points when there is gutter right there! Again the looks... "What a control freak" (I am sure he would never admit to this but I know!)... Well if you see me now, my blanket shifts 360deg by morning and hill stations pe I drag him to the chai points and on our Manali trip I would have had at least 100s of them :-)

Now criticizing the world in general, I see people freaking out when the tea is served hot or cold, if you are sitting in a coffee shop or a pub a few extra mins, if someone enters a meeting late by a few mins, correcting the incorrectly uttered grammatical sentences, food is spicy and it lacks the perfect touch... Argh! The list goes on and there are so many things people are worried about! 

My point here is, there is happiness in imperfections... trying to be perfect or rigid only makes your life tensed and rather annoying to others.. And also, there is a peace in letting yourself loose from these materialistic thoughts... You should have strong beliefs but be flexible when it doesn't work out... There is always a second chance and the show must definitely go on!! Remember...

"Letting go means to come to the realization that some people/things are a part of your history, but not a part of your destiny"


Unknown said...

Interesting thoughts for sure!!! I have mixed feelings on this one. While I absolutely agree that the price required to be a perfectionist is not worth it, let's not forget that if one does not practice it at all and leads a carefree life, it can lead to a very casual way ahead without any goals. In short, some pressure is required in life to drive oneself towards achieving one's long term goals in life!!!

Divya Khanna said...

I do agree that goals are essential... The summary is in the last paragraph... Its appreciated to have strong beliefs but u must know when to let go as well

khushi said...

I remember reading somewhere,
"Imperfections make you living" .
Its good to strive for perfections, but at the same time, its imperfect things which bring happiness.
Like only a joker can make one laugh out loud, not a perfect gymnast! :)
Being a virgo, am crazy for perfection, but i love it more when imperfect, cute little things bring smile on someone's face; as what matters most is living in the moment and not spoiling it! :)

Divya Khanna said...

Khushi.. I can imagine.. I have a good virgo friend who constantly aims for perfection even if its taking ages to do so :-)

Swati said...

nice words bhabhii.. btw wat inspired you!!! I also want to let go all the office work i cannot do everyday:-P and teach the same to manyy;)

Unknown said...

This one is awesome... Nobody is prefect... The blog above is nobody ;)

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