Bigg Boss Mania - Part 2

Ok.. so my guess that Asif would be the victim to the 4th elimination went wrong.. thanks to Armaan who has managed to lose his control and howl at Asif that made him look like a "poor soul" on the show. In any case, Ratan was literally doing no good on the show... at least she should have stopped saying "I am sorry that I made you devil of the day... I am sorry that I am taking back your nominating powers" etc on Sunday. Only a loser-like person would be so apologetic for executing a decision what is rightfully theirs...

Anyways, now is the time to actually discuss 5th eviction. I actually thought it would be Kamya but it looks like Shilpa is giving no good TRPs by literally growling whenever her introvert husband is in trouble. And I guess its high time people see what Aproova is all about as so far all I could only see that he is a big dud!   

There have been a few improvements in the past week that Tanisha became the villain, Kamya started back-biting about her so called friend Armaan and Pratyusha has finally started speaking up!!  

Tanisha - although came across like a leader in the first few weeks, its very evident that she is nothing but a spoilt-brat now. All she can do would be either dictate or criticize if someone doesn't listen to her. She is a no team player which is very clear in the past couple of weeks. She has started using Armaan's incidents so as to vent out her own frustration and self defense. She had also said that she finds everyone insecure in the house as she usually is surrounded by influential people (not herself anything for that matter ;-)). In any case, she would be just aloof and taunted if she continues to think that she is the best and rest all are useless in the team. 

Kamya had openly declared that she was truly egoistic. I wonder if all the drama she created the whole week was to cover up her mistake on Sunday when she said she wanted to go out. I don't think she ever wanted to go out and she got a little sentimental when Salman had questioned her last Saturday. In any case, she is managing her voice and politics in limits on the show and she might just survive a little longer.

Pratyusha has finally started giving her opinions! I believe this is because Kamya has turned against Armaan and Tanisha. And she even got a first place in terms of popularity. I wonder why as I don't  watch TV soaps so I never knew who she was in the first place.

I believe the most useless person on the show currently is the dumb doll Ellie. Salman is making sure that she is around so that she earns good sums before she comes out. But according to me, she should leave soon. 

More updates coming soon.....


Isha said...

Also Salman is defending Armaan (not openly though) way too much now! He should remain unbiased for the show, friendships to be celebrated outside please! :D

kapil.ricky said...

I jst <3 Eli :*
And Andy is fun to watch.

@Above comment :Even i agree, Arman is a**hole. i wonder if he think himself as salman khan. Salman should teach him a lesson instead of favoring him :)
And Tanisha ki to *(&&& :p

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