Bigg Boss Mania - Part 1

Couple of my friends laughed at me when I said my next blog would be on "Bigg Boss season 7" - "Do you seriously watch the show?", "How can you take an hour's crap from a bunch of losers every day?", "Are you like super duper fan of Salman Khan?" etc etc. Well may be their point of view is correct for them but for me its more like a family time.. We get to home every day somewhere between 8:30 and 9:00pm. Bigg Boss starts at 9:00pm sharp which is when we have dinner together while watching and discussing the show. As you can see here, more than the series as a whole, it is like a family entertainment for us to eat, laugh, joke, shout, chatter for full one hour as an assembly which according to me is more important than anyone spending that one hour slogging in the office/ boozing/ surfing randomly on the internet/ sitting idle/ dreaming for that matter.

Coming to the topic, this time around Bigg Boss has come up with a new concept of "Hell" and "Heaven" (sounds like copied from the book "Inferno" :-P). If the TV producers assumed that those in the hell would feel miserable that they have reached to such rotten levels, then they have really seen a very short-term. And more than anything, they have of-late become major nuances on the show without any work to do. And whole this new concept is actually getting to a drab mode now. They should rather come up with a good game so as to make it more political.  

Flirting has been one of the most popular tricks in Bigg Boss to stick to the show for a long time, started by Rahul Mahajan in a rather rustic manner. When the contestants run out of proper acts to get glued to the show, they open this trump card and suddenly become so-much-in-love clowns.

Gauhar and Kushal started the romance in the very first week and now Tanisha, a very unsuccessful actress with a popular family, has finally figured out that she is naturally not talented be it on the big screen or on the idiot box. So she has also recently raised the curtain to bring in the drama of love with one of the loudest mouths - Armaan Kohli (with no options left as the only decent looking guy was already taken by Gauhar in the first week itself).

Coming to the characters, the following are the adjectives to the current Bigg Boss candidates:

Andy - Stupidly entertaining
Shipa - Housewife 
Armaan - Drama queen
Gauhar - Crapster
Pratyusha - Unbearably childish
Elli - Dumb doll
Ratan -  No show girl
Tanisha/ Kamya - Daadis of the house 
Apurva - ??????????
Sangram - Worst Singer
Asif - Utterly useless at everything except for the hair-dos!

So far, we have been able to guess the eliminations appropriately. As everyone knows, Bigg Boss has never got anything to do with the votes but just on the way how well can the contestants bring masala to the show and in turn improve the TRPs. My guess for this week's elimination is Asif. This should happen unless the lazy bug does something unusually drastic! 

Check out this space for more updates on Big Boss season 7.... shortly!!!


Isha said...

I love Big Boss too! :D
N Armaan is the best of the lot! :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

I watch this show everyday , and everyday the same thought crosses my mind : " sab pagal hai" :P :P

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