Dear-O-Dear rains...

There used to be times when I used to wait for summer vacation to get over just to play with the affects of monsoons... my mom never used to allow me to dance in the rain, however, I used to come home late from the school, waiting for rains and totally get drenched!! What fun those days were and how beautiful the rains were!!

The rains are still my beau... but our relationship is so old and I get irritated most of the times when they come to visit me.. specially the aftermath!! I live in Delhi where there is no sea/ ocean for it to be horribly humid after the rains. But I still feel like I live in Chennai/ Kolkata where its naturally sultry. Other than the fact that I need to take bath more than I used to in summer, humidity causes my already curling hair to absolute coils!!

I strongly believe that our material engineers should work more on the content to lay out roads as the upper layer of our tar/ concrete roads seem to get washed away even with the slightest drizzle. I used to wonder why doesn't Delhi have any roller-coaster rides, but now I know that the bumpy roads are more than enough to take.

By the way its always good to play in the rains when it is raining. But sometimes you might just want to listen to the music while you watch it raining and its absolutely necessary to have lights on as the darker clouds are blanketing on you already. But there is always a power cut even before it drizzles and when there are strong winds and it literally is just irksome!

None of these are actually the issues. The major issue for me during rains is those horrendous traffic jams. And considering the population that India carries, I don't think we can ever have a sound infrastructure that can make me have my childhood spirit back. Let me narrate my story when it rains...

I generally leave home by 9:30am so that I can reach office by 10:30am. It takes close to 45mins to reach my office in Gurgaon from Janakpuri. When it rains, I go around 9am so as to have a 45mins buffer. But no, my estimation is completely wrong!! I literally get stranded for hours at 3 major junctions - Cantonment area, Airport and Gurgaon toll. I mean even if I leave at 8 in the morning, I don't think I can reach office on time. Should I just settle in the office during monsoons?

And by the way, half the hassles are created when the VIP movements happen. I mean India is supposed to be "Tech Savvy" and these VIPs should really utilize our technological giffy and convey message through video conferences rather than blocking the roads and disrupting lives of "Mango People" in all the possible ways. There was a 45mins waiting at Cantt area just because some VIP guy is supposed to pass and on top of that it was raining!! It took close to 2hours just to pass the region.

Keeping these troubles aside, when I finally reach office post lunch, my Manager who lives in Gurgaon itself ( and who by the way took an hour to just cross the road to reach office), barks at me as if I just can't handle time management!

So rains have unfortunately become a pain these days.. But the feel of its freshness that i still carry in my memories is completely unmemorable... I would wait for it.. after all it was my first love :-)

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red
Cryin's not for me
'Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'
Because I'm free
Nothin's worryin' me

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adithya said...

Ohhkkk... i got it.. U r not liking delhi :P ... well... come back :)

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