I have a very high regard for doctors... Specially when they give miraculous treatments to the problems that we have! And I can ratify that it would never come down.
I was watching Satyameva Jayate this morning and I really liked a few points mentioned by Aamir Khan - "Do not scare patients off" and have an "honest intention" to cure diseases. They are called living gods after all. Like the instances shown on TV, I have a few instances from my end too wherein I faced such situations.

Situation 1:
I travel nearly 2.5hours per day. And the evening travel is particularly disturbing because of pollution, honking, heat and after office tiredness. As a result, I end up having skin damage. I went to a dermatologist to address the issue with my sister by understanding the problem and solution. After some waiting, we went inside doctor's room. He asked me normal questions like if any allergies, irritation, diet etc. I answered obediently. Doctor quickly jotted down at least 4 tablets and 2 ointments and told me when to take and all that crap. My sister felt totally insolent and asked him wats the problem in the first place. He said nothing much just a rash and and the medicine would do. I asked for explanation on the prescription. He was irritated and told us that he has line of patients and all the tablets are self explanatory and we should be able to comprehend once we enter on any browser. We were totally appalled by the treatment. The doctor was not willing to discuss the problem but just about the money he would be minting. And he was a bloody old cow! He wanted to see us in a month's time and I literally gave a laugh for which he expressed a screwed face!

Situation 2:
I recently paid a visit to Homeo doc after continuous persistence from my mother. The consultation went for nearly 30mins during which he asked me several spiritual questions which were totally useless! I am sure my company gives better soft skills training to me (atleast free of cost to me!). I asked him at least 10 questions about how were they related, what were the studies he was referring to. For everything he asked me to remain silent and in the end concluded that I am very impatient and sensitive. And for this totally useless treatment I ended up pay Rs 600/-. Totally worthless and more than disappointing!

Situation 3:
I undoubtedly have a sedentary job and almost no exercise at all. My diet is totally screwed up. So after a very long lecture from my fiance, I finally decided to meet a nutritionist.
I strongly believe that if you can't set an example for your profession, you are totally of no value! She was very stout, too many marks and boils on her face and just when I entered the room she was making a call to have chicken biryani and jelabi for lunch!
He tested my BMI, asked about my diet and then started smiling. She said my nutrition in-take is totally out of balance. She got entire reading of my body and explained where I have fat and how less proteins I have (as if I am illiterate!). And she told me to take proteins and walk at least. This is something a 7-year old can tell me! She was like you have to come every fortnight to check your BMI and other essential things about your body (indirectly hinting me to pay her regularly). Totally totally futile!

From all the situations above, I would like to say that I don't see the value that a doctor should have. For them, it is more to scare the patients by writing lengthy prescription, get fat money and publicize their practice! I am not criticizing the medical field. I believe Oncology, Cardio, Radio, Gyneo etc. practitioners are life savers. However, doctors unfortunately have become compromising and their very code of practice has changed!!!

One way to improve this is to question at every step. They might get irritated but why should we care. It is our health and it is our body. We have all the right! And secondly, we should make an enormous effort to educate ourselves about medicine that we take. Read about the base molecule and understand its basic property. I am sure many diseases can be eliminated naturally so have a proper reading about nutrition. My grand mother know what to eat and when and she rarely pays a visit to doctor.

We really need doctors! But from our end, make sure to be educated as much as possible to avoid any unnecessary crap from every other person who owns a doctor degree!


Pradeep Vemireddy said...

We can take some basic steps to avoid paying a visit to a doctor for small things..even if we have to go,one needs to go a trusted one (who can listen to you)- Pradeep

Pradeep Vemireddy said...

"eat meet a nutrionist" :P

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