Win over Summer with Lakme! :-)

Summer is prevailing big time in India... This time particularly, I see that summer's longevity has improved! All my friends have become very indoorsy for the fear of pigmentation... But Kyra and I, on the other hand, are going on an exciting trip to Andaman!! Wanna know the secret behind our little crazy expedition in this maddening summer... Simple!!

I remember the days when I went to Goa last year around the month of June, that is when Lakme did not exist for me! After a long persuasion by my friends I had finally decided to get out of my tiny den where I go and hide almost all my non-working hours during summer. I landed in Goa around 11am in the morning and I stepped out of the airport. A sudden gust of hot air embraced me... it was as if someone slapped me hard! We  hired the cab as quickly as possible (he looted us gigantically and my friends still blame me for that!) and reached hotel. 

I realized that it is too hot for me to go and enjoy the beach. But then my friend Kyra came to me and asked me to try Lakme sunscreen. I was a little hesitant initially to apply the cream without checking with a doc. So I went for home testing, that is to test on hands before applying on face. It worked well and I applied on face and rushed to the beach. I can't explain how much fun we had and thank God for Kyra and more importantly "Lakme" :-) . Don't forget to read about Lakme on Facebook!

This summer, it was my idea to go to Andaman. And I am 100% percent confident that no ferocious sun can scare us off and no scorching sun can loot our fun from us!!! 

"At the beach, just another day in paradise!"

Finally, thanks to Lakme Diva for granting this magic to explore the world of fun even in hot summers!

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