Yes... I am Alive!!!

I know... i was totally outta it... I just thought I should give a break to everythn else and gear my career in the way I wanna look at it... I dunno if its in the right path as of now... but yes, its not in the wrong one for sure!!!!

Many things happened meanwhile.... Slogged in Delhi... Took tough decisions... Got a new job... left the old one... moved to Hyderabad... and now I got a break which I believe I deserve the most as I never had one after my MBA!! And this is totally refreshing!!

My sister is preparing for her UPSC exam these days... So, I got all the time to discuss the most interesting/amusing/paradoxical things in the world with her... solve crosswords, sudokus, jigzags etc etc.... It is fascinating actually as it reminds me of my kiddo days and undeniably sharpening my brain as well!

Made a few decisions... which i hope to pursue and follow... I never really understud work-life-balance... But now i get to see how tough a word it is!!!! In fact, the word BALANCE is the toughest thing to accomplish!!! On a closing note.....

"Everyone makes mistakes...only that we should not repeat them!"


♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

UPSC mein SUDOKU bhi aata hai :O

Anonymous said...

kaun si mistek ke bare me bat ho rhi he?

MangoMan said...

Does a break make people philospohical?

Tulika said...

It's great to read you after long, long time.

In fact I am on and off on blogosphere myself, so losing touch at times.

Anyways, Best wishes for our new job and life.

LOL, I moved to delhi and now you're in Hyderabad.

Best wishes Divya ! :)

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