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Delhi was not hot for a day!!!! Now thts called a real news!!! And a real relief to people like me who got to see sun day in and day out J J
With that happy stuff, I made quite a few sales calls(client visits) and then decided to go to my friend’s place not my dwelling cave (the best way to end a happy day!)I had to go to Saket. My colleague has dropped me off at a place which looked more or less like Ghaziabad interiors.... in other words, kinda dangerous! :D

Auto wale in Delhi are so looting gangsters! They charge you with normal petrol rates. They never keep the meter on without saying some 10-15Rs above the meter reading… I mean this sucks big time… police say we got to call them up immediately in that case… but its just that we don’t ve time to do all this (though I tried to intimidate a few auto ppl that I would dial 100) and moreover I always end up being alone when my temper goes hay-wire!

Yesterday also, the usual thing happened. The auto guy might be saying the right price (which is deadly rare!) but you just lose that faith and always start negotiating. So I said I wanna see the meter working and I would then decide. He refused and I was arrogant enuf to walk away in that good-weather-but-bad-location situation. I walked n walked but no auto around and it was getting dark. N then there comes a school van and the guy asks me to get in. Obviously I would not get in just like that but I saw a school savouring her evening snacks and thought I can have a good ride.

The girl was in her 10th standard. I was surprised to see her going to school in mid-may. But yea, in 10th class, this is something common. But its so sad to hear that they have complete school in this hot summer. In the sense, all the school hours+ tuitions. N I did not know the fact that government has sent a notice that there wudn be any more 10th borad exams!! I mean its strange! Board exams are essential yar… Its necessary to be competitive in life. I understand kids get stressed-out and all. But it’s the best way to show them about competitiveness in studies! Their immediate stage would be like IIT/Medicine/ any course for that matter. It would be difficult to take it all in the nth minute!

She was like “All the subjects are boring. I am so tired by the time I go home. I want a few holidays. I understand I am in 10th standard but I feel like playing as well”. I felt so sad seeing her plight. After all, thts a kid I am talking to. This is just not done yar! Cramming and unnecessary tension in life at this early stage is just so weird!! Life is sucked outta them. N these days they have subjects like “attitude, personality, understanding of rules etc” and are also graded on them. And I wonder how teachers really expect students to give their best in soft skills when mentally they are slogging like crazy, just beyond the saturation!

I had my best times when I was a kid. I never had pressure from my parents. I loved going to school. I had plenty of time to play, to study, to watch movies and to do GK stuff as well. I still say HISTORY was one of the best subjects I ever had in my life and I scored 95 marks in my 10th exams J J

I feel so sorry for the condition which kids are passing through now… and trust me, creativity would be out of your heads the moment cramming comes into place!!! I dunno how this situation can be improved. Ur ideas are welcomed as comments on this blog. What I can suggest is, parents should not treat their kids as donkeys. They should just guide them on how to study and let the kid decide the path!!

Remember this….

“We could never have loved the earth so well if we had had no childhood in it”


MangoMan said...

Hmmm. The school life and the school bags heavier than us!! Phew!

Strange, school in summer and weird, the new academic system! MHRD rocks!!

Mads said...

poor kids. most of the kids are pressurized by their parents so it sucks :X even if our parents are cool, most aren't
i just saw a FB group which says- Behind every successful Indian student, there are parents who beat :|
that sums it all i guess :-s
not saying that cool parents ke bacche cant be successful..look at us :D (assuming u are successful, i am to not :P still studying hehe)

nice post... :)

The Furobiker said...

sad that kids these days study so much!

Suresh Kumar said...

And u loved History and scored 95 marks? That surprises me. I found it difficult to keep the eyes open during History Classes.

There was no pressures nor even distractions (mobile,net,malls, dishtv etc) when we grew up. Nowadays Kids have to deal with so much re... uff!

Unknown said...

Oh school days were the best days ever!!!

Readers Dais said...

Ha! those old days :))))

Tulika said...

Truly! Our education system is all about cramming, barring the creative nature of a child. It's all about scoring better and picking bigger jobs.

ps: I loved History too. :D

Bikram said...

first time on ur blog.. read the article .. commenting on the board exams and competitiveness..

you will be astonished to hear that here in uk.. Sports , racing and all is not done much in school and guess why

because not all can win and it puts the people who loose disturbed..

can you beleive it ... so i guess India is going that way ...

competition is a must.. I ahve gone through it and it has not done me any harm ..

a good blog you got ..

Anonymous said...

took me back t my school days

Suresh Kumar said...

Its been quite some days... Hope u r doing fine...

Soumya said...

Social,service and physical activities like NSS,NCC,Scouts should be made mandatory in school curiculum...this is what needed for future India

Soumya said...

ammma!!u scored 95 in Social studies?? :-o :-o I never knew :-o

HaRy!! said...

malgudi days! :)

Vijay said...

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I'll try 2 be truthful said...

really, even though I'd given my 10th a few years back, it seems the education pressure has moved ahead by many decades :x

bechare bachhe, and nowdays i hear that they have to do extra classes on sunday also!!

and doing away with the board exams is so phut! arre sab boards dete hai, and after 3 preboards everyone passes ... inka to all work and no play wala haal ho raha hai!!

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