Ratatouille....A Saga of Rat......

Well… I am not here to appreciate a rat’s excellence in preparing food…. But just to write about how a rat was hero (rather a villain) in my life for a while… I hate pets… specially, having bitten by a dog when I was too young, I don’t have a thing for these so-called pets… more than that, I sorta created phobia for myself… when in France, my friend’s landlady used to have a cat (black one) as her pet… I used to dance whenever I used to visit her place… not coz they played lovely music… just coz the cat used to saunter around… crazy really!!!

To start off my tale with this rat… one day I came to my room and opened my already opened almirah… and to my shock (jaw dropped to the floor, literally!)… I saw a rat surfing in my clothes… yewwwwww…. (Can nethn be more unpleasant than this!! :( :( :()…It was so disgusting!!! Then I gathered some courage and immediately closed to door and called up my friends… with lotsa dancing around (again!!), the rat finally came outta my cupboard and went under my roomie’s cupboard… and that was more close to my bed… ! :O

For a few days, I got myself signed for a new job…. And that is “Watchrat”…. I used to respond to every other sound it used to make… and surprisingly, my roomie was courageous enough and just used to ignore the fact that the rat ever existed at all…. And for me, it used to be an adventure to enter my room, to get out of my bed and even to make a sound!!!!

With my friends’ piece of wonderful advice, I went to get a powerful rat poison… and successfully placed it in all strategic locations… and in the end, I was a kind-hearted person to the rat, it happily had its food, became more powerful and started roaming around as if I, such a huge being, never existed…. L L

I called the cleaners atleast some 100times… but they failed to locate its bungalow in my room… I wonder how it managed to build invisible castles… and it still remains a mystery till date!!! Phew…..

After a few days, it started to smell…. My friends hesitated to come to my room just to avoid that horrible odor… and I again called up cleaners… and they again gave up…. And a few more days passed… slowly, the smell faded away on its own….

So the current conclusion, according to me and my roomie, is that the rat died, got decomposed and now in its fossil form…. But still we can’t figure out where the hell it is….!!!!!!


Soumya said...

U were bitten by dog , when u were too young?? :-o :-o. U were in 8th std , and u almost tried to kill hte dog stamping on it ...so it had bitten you , poor doggie!! :P:P

Hehe , u kno wat.. the rat must have died becos of odor from ur room :P:P ..which is more powerful than your strongest rat poisons ..hahha!!

And and , you definitely have some connection with Rats..:D:D:D:D:D:D..guess what?:P:P

The Furobiker said...

u nvr told me u danced in france :O :O

Divya Khanna said...

@Soumi: i had no intentions to kill the dog.. bt it clearly had..
n yea, i got my connection :D

@Abhi: I dance in Delhi also.. just that i din tell u the incident :D

kapil.ricky said...

1.You can dance ...cool...but phebes cant :p
2.i think phebes also got bitten by dog :p
3.hmmm both sister hav gud way of putting words in paper :o)
4.blog pic is pretty gud in comparison to orkut dp ;)

Suresh Kumar said...

A murder has been committed.... bt the dead body is missing :)

Hmm... lets make mousetrap 2

Lolzzzzz on sowmya's version on the dog bite story... U r guilty of not telling the complete truth :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, I remember that dancing incident in France. Believe me I had my own share of dancing around the cat when you weren't around. The worst was when it snuck into my room and hid under my bed :-(


Anonymous said...

whats up with LL at the end of 4th para?

Divya Khanna said...

@ RM: I know that u were never fond of cats... bt u cud bear its presence atleast! n yea, that day when the cat popped out suddenly, it was disastrous!!!!

@ Dina: lol.... i kept :( in doc... n in blogspot it came as L :D

Chapters From My Life said...

Thanks Divya for visiting my page.. I am actually rediscovering my childhood to few blogs.. and yeah it is true life story.

I just hope the ghost of the rat that did not have it last rites performed will not haunt you forever...

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