Sankranthi Subhakankshalu :)

Happy Sankranthi to all!!! This is my 3rd successive year missing Sankranthi at home…. But I think thats ok… last year I cud not celebrate my birthday also at home… so things happen in life… n we have to just move along..

In south India, to be specific in Andhra Pradesh (Telangana + the rest), Sankranthi is majorly celebrated with Kites and Rangoli designs… According to Wiki, Sankranthi marks the transition of the Sun into Makar (Capricorn) on its celestial path. This festival breaks the winter and takes you to the spring. A few say that it’s the beginning of the harvesting season. In AP, sankranthi is celebrated in 4days… Bhogi, Makara Sankranti, Kanuma Panduga and Mukkanuma.

Well, if I ve to talk about my experiences on Sankranthi, it ought to be my past… so just don’t mind taking you back to my past again n again… well, what we are now is coz what we were in the past :D :D

As a kid, I was a disaster when comes to raiding a kite in the sky… howsoever windy regions I go to, I end up spoiling the kite but unable to make it fly!! In 8th standard I believe, I took special coaching classes to succeed this mission…Initially, I used to jump up to 6ft high and the kite used to fly alongwith and also used to come back with me (unfortunately!)…. After that I got a stool and focussed on the wind and the used to jump again 6ft on the stool (risking my life), and finally I could make it FLY… thanks to my friend at the other end handling charka (frankly my part was nothing I think :D)…. But in the end, I gave up the entire task as I thot I cant see my mom sad if sumthn happens to me (with the risks I take, huh!)

One more interesting thing was to make huuuugeee and colorful Rangoli designs in front of my gate and that also before every1 wakes up… I wanted my Rangoli to be the best in the society… My sis and I used to get new designs from designers (read my maid) and accumulate all the necessary ingredients… in the morning, I used to do one tenth of whole of it… but it used to remain as my Rangoli (ofcourse my sis’ also) :P

I miss those days… it was such a bliss to be a kid… we seek happiness from every other stupid thing and very little goals in life… And yea, m almost sure that I m better at flying kite nw than what I was then… Happy Sankranthi once again :) :)


The Furobiker said...

first of all - Happy Sankranthi!

i never knew you can fly a kite. coz i dont even know how to hold a charkha :D

and ofcourse dont risk ur life by jumping 6 feet high. (are u sure it ws 6 feet or maybe inches?)

prajyot said...

happy makarsankranti...u know this time of year in jaipur ther happns to be a biggest kite festival...and its like i have been there 2 times and never got chance to c it..

Tulika said...

A very Happy Makarsankranti !!!

Its so fun to be a kid again.
Sunny days of our lives.
This Sankranti I wish you with all the fun, innocence and mirth of good old days.

God bless you :)

Soumya said...

hey who was that tutor ??:-o :-o

Chapters From My Life said...

I think you should visit me sometime Divya. I have always been able to fly kite the highest and also I can make wonderful Rangolis quickly. Won few competitions too... in my college I was the only muslim girl to win a Rangoli competition. ;)

and I don't mind you talking about past as I have no right to. I have a whole blog of my past LOL

Suresh Kumar said...

Happy Sankranthi... today i got the meaning of sankranthi from my mother after my 30 years of existence... she says it is the day when the heavens gate open... its the day for which bhishma waited on his bed of arrows to die so that he can go to heavens... and so on and so on. That lecture was a bit heavy on the brains...

this one on kites, hugee and rangoli is more pleasing one...I used to go up to a small hillock and fly kites and it was great fun..

Divya Khanna said...

@Abhi: U r such a waste :D

@Prajyot: its unfortunate that u cudn see it... heard its an awesome one!

@Tulika: I know, gone are the kiddo days!

@Soumi: Kaushik i think :D

@Farila: I ll definitely visit you.. i so very much wanna learn Rangoli :)

@Suresh: wow... i got a new meaning for Sankranti nw :)

Shriti said...

hi Divya,
thanks for dropping by :)

PhilO♥ said...

Happy Sankranthi.
I don't know how to fly kites :p
Over here, we have a kite festival, but I never learned how to fly kites.!
Anyways, take care!!
happy Blogging :)

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