had quite a valentine weekend ;)

roamed around mumbai first time ever after i stepped in pune...well, as a caution, please use mineral water to avoid throat problems wen in mumbai :)
pune to mumbai has got a perfect expressway...having lonavala and khandala meetpoints in b/ get down wenever and wherever u want wen wid "the best" person ;)
pune to mumbai entrance took 2hrs and another 2hrs within mumbai to reach andheri...phew!!!
i had to go till andheri airport to meet my coll frnd comin frm had the oppurtunity to get the air of Lagey-raho-types-radio-mirchi....well, thts wen i understud how lagey raho made the difference using radio as rocks big time in mumbai! :)

next day, we went to juhu beach...the beach was nt so awesome then tht infinite point where sea and sky touch eachother is sumthn so good to view at...

and if some1 is chaat-freak, its da perfect place...v stuffed in helluva crap chaat tht day!!! it was absolutely delicious :P

after v saw enuf of the beach, went out for strolling and found a mall...with big jodha-akbar v sneaked in...i was surprised to learn tht the highest price was close to v tuk the lowest, tht too changed-hands tickets, which landed us rite in da first row, almost our noses touching the screen..hehe...that theatre-folks provided us pop-corn,ice-tea,2 samosas, 2 sweets...ofcourse, to keep us glued to our seats for more than 3.5hrs...huh! waise, Hrithik was good ;)

Mumbai's pride Gate Way of India, was under construction...Aaaaaargh!!!v took tickets to elephanta caves frm GWI...n i cn assert tht its more of family trip as v spotted ppl gettin food frm home and relishing near da caves :O :O
the sculptures in the caves were whatever is seen, that was beautiful :)

well, fashion street was da place i was lookin for as i ve heard so much abt tht in pune...i mus agree, those talks were right....i got some 8-9 items for less than 1500...if u cn bargain more, may be less than its a nice walk-out place, picking watever u find good :)

on a whole had a nice experience, bt nt greatly memorable...particularly coz of doomed road traffic in Mumabi :)


The Furobiker said...

valentine weekend..
u nvr told me u had a bf :O
kaun hai kaun hai

The Furobiker said...

waise .. tht city mall is nice givin u so much to eat.. u finished all ??? :O

Anonymous said...

i have been to mumbai but never got a chance to watch so many places, kya karun ghoom ne ke liye koi saath hona hain naa ;)
aur dont write abt food stuffs, especially mouth watering biryanis and chaats, dat too wen i had to read ur blog on the day of fasting :(

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