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Well, i used to scribble tales wen i was a kid....from the motal stories taught at skool level, i used to create a few moral stories....other day wen i was rummaging my old cup-board i found this story wch is head-titled FAITH....the following is one flick of my childhood activities :P

The Faith
Once there lived a man, namely Kumar, who had a wreckless life. He was bad at studies.So, he stopped his education at 14. He was a good foot ball player.But his parents never encouraged him to go on with the play as they were poor.Kumar married Sita when he was 20. He was not interested to get any job.So, he used to spend all the money brought by his parents and wife. One day, he was roaming aimlessly on a pavement. A palm-reader who was sitting there, called Kumar and asked him to show his palm. Kumar showed his palm. His palmistry was read. The reader said to him, "you will get more money this month". Kumar was delighted by his statement. He went home happily.
As the palm-reader predicted, Kumar accquired more money tht month without any hard-work
but by foul means.Kumar's family financially improved.
Kumar again went to the palm-reader enthusiastically. This time he told him "you are going to get a golden oppurtunity and you should not miss it". Kumar determined not to miss the oppurtunity.
One day Kumar had a severe attack of fever.He went to a doctor.It came down.But the doctor
advised him not to take heavy risk which can even put him to death.After a few days, he got a letter that he got selected as a team member in the foot-ball match palyed at state level. His wife and parents tried to avoid him from playing.But he did not listen to them.He thought tht it was the oppurtunity the palm-reader talkin abt and he should not miss it which would change his fate.
Kumar practised day and night due to which his health was broken. The jury of the team rejected him as a team member as he was physically weak. He was unable to bear the fact and he went to coma.
By God's grace, he was alright and was suggested to take complete rest.But, he was still living in the dream tht a golden oppurtunity would come and bring luck to him.He waited for years and years.
Whenever his door was knocked, he used to run with the hope that the oppurtunity had come. But it never came. He waited till his death, but it didnot come.
So, we must trust our hardwork and our inner-self. We must have faith in God which brings fear and honesty in us and shows right path. But, we should not depend on others blindly as in case of Kumar.
This is a story of Uncivilised Man.
--- Divya


The Furobiker said...

very confusing story :O

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

kya story tha..ek dum mast type ki

pata hai golden opportunity yeh thi ki beta coma se bachne ka tera pass ek hi mauka hai
football mat khel :D

sahi se interpret nhi kar paya na dats y bechara dukhi hoke tapak gya :P

happy bday sweetheart and very happy long nd happy life to u..
thoda sa late ho gya but bhaiyya logo ko ek do din ki relaxation toh milti hi hai na:D

Hari said...

:O ... kallu teripichav...... :)

Solitaire said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said... part...absolutely agreed

but why did that GOD came at the end ...grow up :P

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