North East West South :)

these days i m trying to drown myself in news and more of are a few highlights to add to readers' head :D

1) Tata proved his words again!! he exhibited his word of amazement, so-called people's car,in auto expo...he stresses it as bio,oil,mileage-friendly compared to other cars...his counterparts bet it cant all tht v cn do nw is wait n see!! ;)

2) Bajaj's "piece of pride" is unable to wrigggle out of maze...critics say Tata stole the show...the reasons i ve analysed...its nt completely Indian as it has got ties wid Renault and also a lil currency-looter compared to Nano :)

3) this is the latest...PM's visit to China...nuclear deal is all then India shud seriously
consider the trade deficits...the clearance of nathulla pass made china export 9.4% of our GDP
whereas v r still stuck up wid staggering 1.2% of its GDP :(and also China's memorable support
to pak for nuclear upliftment shud prod us before signing crucial agreements...

4)Budget...Railway budget has bn good for past 2years...rumours say it follows da same path this year as its union budget tht matters more... hopefully income tax shud come down to 25% frm 30% :pray

5)US elections...its 2-horse race on Democratic side(even if republic added:D)... whoever wins, its gonna be a record...Hillary or Obama... :)

6)Sports: well, seems India taking fake Smiling fotos wid Aussies... :O
BCCI successfully exemplified our proud Indian Govt...more of talks than walks :)

7)NewZealander and first man to climb Mt.Everest, Edmund Hillary, expired...he was 88.

8)Dont want to bore u wid serious news, ash-abhi best glmorous couple!!! When frm Abhishek Bachhan show-casing Glamour!!! people losing their sight!! :P

9)Critics say Golden Compass a better movie than Harry potter...wherein Nicole Kidman playing negative role...all set to watch then? ;)

Dont want to include 10th news...odd is odd...n let it be :)
samachar khatham...hope u witnessed news :O O
Syanora :D


The Furobiker said...

haha.. thanx for the update on the world..

Hari said...

good news update... :)

Divya Khanna said...

lol...many things happening these days...
waise, sensex crossed 21k points ;)

Anonymous said...

hey divs... nice update.. do it daily yar... ppl like me(lazy to go thru whole ppr) vl read..:)

Anonymous said...

lolz...i juss came to knw nrth est west south is da acronym for news...howw ignorant of me :(

n whrs da weather report madam ??? n u call dis as news without that :P

n as sumone said even am lazy to read news paper...try to update it daily...of course u even hav an option of scrappin me headlines daily ;)

Unknown said...

well...u have maintained it quite well....good..lage raho :)

Hari said...

Its time for updates on this page..its been long time anukunta.. ;)

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