Three months - Postpartum

People say women have severe mood swings... Have a baby then you will realize how erratically their behavior changes every other day! One day they sleep like an angel and the other day they cry their lungs out... One day they gulp bottles n bottles down and the next day you wonder if it was the same baby! All in all, I felt the growth spurts are changing them rapidly and we, parents, are patiently bearing and coping with the changes. Never realized we had such an innate adaptive characteristic! Well, we don't have an option now, do we? ;-)

Cluster feeding has been the culprit this month for my baby - some say babies go through this even at their 6th week mark. Basically, babies drink as less as only 10ml every few minutes making parents' life just about baby's whims and nothing else! Cluster feeding is not specific to day time so it could end up some sleepless nights for the parents. Many say growth spurts cause such a change in their behavior. Needless to say, sleep routine is impossible to be established at this point!

The best part of the 3rd month is those lovely smiles thrown at us! The first two months babies test us critically and finally by the 3rd they make up their minds that they could trust us a bit and start acknowledging us with their lovely, endearing and heart-warming smiles.. all the postpartum problems seem to vanish away for those brief seconds :-) :-)

In addition to the smiles, you will realize that the baby is able to straighten up their necks, although still wobbly their neck muscles are developing by day! We haven't done a lot of tummy time but we still notice the neck balancing attempts from our baby. She has also started turning to a side (although not successful yet) with a lots of screams and heavy breathing.. it's fun to see these tiny attempts and their face turning crimson red with all the effort!!!

From a mother's perspective, I started noticing joint pains which many people convinced me due to breast milk production. Even with the supplements, these pains seem to exist. However, this is nothing unbearable especially since you have help from fathers. But I did see women carrying their babies in those heavy car-seats with strong wrist muscles - clearly, I don't fall in that category and each woman is different!

In addition, this is the month where you see the shedding of hair off of your scalp. I read about this inevitable body activity which apparently could last up to 6 months (or even more)! Time and patience again will heal this evidently (and hopefully). 

In this month, you will notice baby making a lot of eye contact which shows their interest to interact more with you. This can be both good - as you will feel blessed seeing the baby appreciating your presence and bad - as the baby will start to play their antics like asking us to hold them always which is great for them and a physical toll on us! :-P 

All in all, this month proves that more 'interesting' times are about to come and we are eager to experience the surprises from our little one!! :-) :-)


Unknown said...

Nicely penned!! Looking forward to this phase :)

Soumya said...

Yeah more interesting things are about to come ...🎉🥰

neena said...


Nishitha said...

I like the spirit. Fun times ahead!!

Vandita said...

yess.. there is more to come.. but the chronicles of T make me feel I am right there.. noticing here tini wini changes.. and cheering her milestones

expect roll overs.. bursts of laughter and my way or high way period in the coming months...

looking forward to the next month!

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