Leap of faith!

Again a gap of more than 3 months with my blogging story. Weekdays being busy and weekends to catch a breath and to meet with friends, blogging took a back seat of late, although writing is something I absolutely cherish - where I can delve deep and express at the same time. But then, isn't this the fact of life - you give in to your daily life and ignore things that are absolutely close to your heart?

When you get to a routine where your thoughts are completely around what your client wants, you need at least the weekends to think through what you want. There are piled up personal activities that you might have to accomplish but they remain heaped up as you end up catching up with other weekend routines. So routine after routine to manage..

Maybe some people compartmentalize their activities (really bless their souls for having achieved the trait) and are so clear with the start and end points for each but for some, they end up lingering onto the just completed action before moving onto the next one. They need to take a step back and clear the thoughts before diving into a new process. And this needs time..

Taking a break to do just nothing but refresh your head and to do the things that are close to your heart are not easy. Taking that leap of faith just based on your interests is a big thing - Will I succeed? Will I find another option? Maybe I should stick around just a bit longer etc.. will be the questions popping up in your head. Even with some savings, we are not comfortable to just take that shot in the dark. There will always be ifs and buts and risks that we are unprepared for.

It is easier said than done that we need to listen to our heart. There will always be personal, emotional and social obligations. Sacrifices are required but I believe there comes a time when you can follow your heart - this will be a short window and your heart will know it. Do not choose to let it go, for these opportunities hardly come by. All you need is a little hope and don't let your brain surpass it.

To set a routine is important as it keeps your life moving with some predictability but to keep your life excited, keep testing the limits. I have been considering to take some challenges up and I believe the time is approaching fast enough for me to put these thoughts into actions and to see what happens on the other side of the 'risk-averse' mode of life!

Here is a good luck to you as well and finally a quote from one of the best Directors ever..

There are many talented people who haven't fulfilled their dreams because they over thought it, or they were too cautious, and were unwilling to make the leap of faith.

- James Cameron
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Unknown said...

So true, taking that leap of faith is so imp but there are so many if's and but's

neena said...


Well said

pranita deshpande said...

Best way of keeping faith

Unknown said...

Lovely and thoughtful :)

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