My Baby, My Inspiration

Note: The blog is based on my sister's journey on motherhood - Love you sis and Chiyo :-*

“I don’t believe Love at First Sight because I started loving my baby even before I saw him”

My boy is now 45 day old but we often ignore the fact that his journey started 9 months earlier. In those crucial 9 months of his life he took the course alone in the darkness towards an incessant pursuit of taking a human form. It is said that in order to understand the concept of Struggle for Existence, we need not comprehend Darwin’s Origin of Species or refer to the history of races, it is sufficient to understand the ordeal made by this tiny life form with a sole purpose to be a part of our universe. His unwavering steady determination to reach his destination is my first Inspiration. His Perseverance inspired me. He seamlessly tried to make our dream come true.

In embryonic stage, even before any organ has formed the existence of life is proclaimed by the heart’s beat. I was confirmed pregnant in 5th week where only yolk sac was seen in my first scan. I had to wait 2 more weeks for the confirmation of live fetus. Those 2 weeks were the most anxious two weeks of our lives. On 11th of April we heard a very fast yet strong beat for the first time. That was how he again inspired me to take the lead in contributing my part to bring him into this world over the effort our 2.5cm tiny baby had put to make his survival declared. His Optimism inspired me.

"Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother." A Man can also take the form of a mother. But only a woman puts her soul on the verge of life and death prepares herself for the rebirth during labor. This is the reason may be every Godly form (Avatara Purusha) of our Puranas are born to a Mother rather descend directly from Vaikunta. We all know the pain that a Mother experiences but the hidden fact is, an un-explanatory struggle the baby undergoes during his way out through the birth canal. Without any complaint he endures it and gives his 100% to get adjusted to this foreign environment. His Adaptability inspired me.

Its no exaggeration to say that he is a born leader ;). There is a minority rule in our family ever since he’s born. He demands undivided attention and he gets it without fail. This 24 hour non-stop service he commands is not because of wealth, fame or power but by his naive genuine smile. His Innocence inspired me how simple a Smile creates wonders and leaves people dumbstruck. His Genuineness shows honesty definitely pays off.

Never once in my life I adhered to a New Year resolution that I take every year to cultivate the habit of diary-writing. Now I’ve a diary to capture all my memories with him. Now I put down all my moods into it dealing with my emotions independently.  I occasionally write poems too in it.  He inspired me to have a new Hobby of Diary writing and Poetry Writing.

When I feel low, his serene look/smile on his face picks me up. His High-spirited soul inspires me to stay happy always. His needs are very simple. His Simplicity always makes me wonder why we insist on making our lives complicated.

I spend my holidays mostly on bed sleeping or watching laptop. Those are my laziest days. But now he keeps me on my toes every moment every day. I took three days to finish this blog. He inspires me to be Dynamic and to live every moment differently by throwing different challenges each time.
He inspires me to Exercise daily to keep my mind and body healthy to make him stay lively, happy, fit and flourishing. He inspired me to have an Ambition to grow higher in my career so that I can give a better life to him.  I am now more tolerant, more patient, more forgiving and more courageous.

I can see a clear disctinction of what I was and what I am now. I want him to look upto me proudly and say that his mom is his Inspiration, else I would be ashamed of not doing my part responsibly. He is my constant check to put in my inspirations into actions. My Baby, My Strength, My Inspiration.

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khushi said...

Congratulations to you and your sister!

It's said, when a child is born , its not the only the birth of child, but also a new birth for the parents. The moment you realize the existence of a new life, you are a changed person.

One of my friends also, developed the habit of writing a blog for her daughter; and has been writing since the day her daughter was born.

Best wishes for your sister and the lucky champ! :)

Btw, i missed the disclaimer, and for a moment was shocked on this entry, how could i miss all this, in spite of the frequency at which we have chatted (almost every week in past six months!) ;) :P

Unknown said...
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Amit Yadav said...
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