The five experiences!

What a way to come back to the blog world! In this blog, I am going to write about 5 things that I am zestful about to experience... Mind you, these would be the expeditions I want to mount upon from deep within :-)

I know 5 is a small number but in the busy life today, all I think about is next episode of breaking bad or what the partner is going to comment on the presentation or what restaurant to go to for dinner... these are as much important but they are not those hearty pleasurable moments for sure... Its fortunate that I can now, for a reason, ponder over the things that I am really excited to experience in life! Here goes the list...


If you have already guessed where the interest was born from.. Kudos if the guess is Zindagi Na Milegi Dobaara... I know movies could be influential and this is one more proof...

It might be everyone's dream to fly... fly freely and spiritedly... the true feeling of floating.. up in the air...

When you look down, you see the true beauty of the world you live in.. through the haziness of the clouds.. a mix of blue, green and land... not to think of anything but just float and feel the pressure of air on the cheeks... the impression of "above all" and "beyond the thick"... I truly want to experience it and hopefully soon:-)

Visit to Scotland

Citing my previous post here...It is like a dream to visit Scotland.. I have heard people talking about it as paradise on earth... specially the highlands.. I have seen movies like Braveheart and Harry Potter and no doubt I want to experience it... Waiting for the day for it to happen!

Meet Mr. Modi

Ab ki baar Modi sarkar...!!

The nation voted for Mr. Modi this time including me. Every citizen in the nation has hopes on Mr. Modi. We believe that the nation would have low inflation, high rupee value, greater stock market values, improve fiscal and monetary deficits and the list goes on.

Now I am really enthused to meet him and ask... How??

The red-carpet

I must have watched several award shows and felt the prominence of "The Red Carpet"... In fact, I did walk on it in Cannes but with absolutely none around..

I want to experience that moment when I walk on the carpet and this time when there are loads of people around :-)

Purely Fiction

As a kid, I grew up reading several fictitious novels and hearing many unreal stories... Like Harry Potter, Spiderman, Superman etc. I know it is like totally unrealistic to even think but I so wanna meet a character who I know is not real but I still make it possible..

One of the most brilliant experiences I am sure and the best I would say I can see and talk to the cartoon hero! :-P :-D

Well, being zesty is synonymous to being truly happy... When I mulled over my thoughts and put together the experiences I would want to materialize, the ideas above have formulated... so even if two of the above happen for real, I would have lived my life !!!

"If there's one thing I learned, it's that nobody is here forever. You have to live for the moment, each and every day . . . the here, the now"

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Unknown said...

nice one , I am equally gung ho about the sky diving part

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