Fun on the lands of the Thai!!

Last year has been quite a shuttle between Delhi and Hyderabad... Travelling around was definitely not one of the items checked on the list... There were too many things happening around and did not realize when the time flew by. First year of marriage is really one of the busiest periods in one's life. Nevertheless, now that things are getting to a routine phase, we have finally planned out a much awaited Thailand trip!! And for sure, we made a pact to live it, high time!! :-)
The plan was to cover as many places as possible in Pattaya and Bangkok. This is because even though we had as much fun in Thailand, I would not want to go to the same place again. After all, there are too many things to see around!!

So on day 1, we had just Alcazar show planned so we thought of walking around the streets by ourselves after the show. The first days' lunch was one of the cheapest luncheons we had other than the free luncheons covered in the package. One deep-fried chicken leg piece was sold for 15 Baht which is equivalent to 30Rs!! We had just couple of them which is still cheaper than any McD/ KFC chicken with almost similar taste.
The Alcazar show was quite a thrill. After all, they had all boys as girls in the show! Trust me, it is quite difficult to realize the same!! After the show, we walked along the beach, streets and malls. Quite a warm evening and you would not find anyone in full pants or jeans across the city. Nice dresses and bags for women were available for around 200 Baht which would never be possible in India!!
The next day was to Coral Island trip. We did para-gliding, undersea walking and beach dancing there. One of the exciting days of the trip. Specially the playing in the sea was super fun even under the hot afternoon sun. Tanning would be your last thought when there is an endless sea to welcome you!!
Thats me gliding!!!
Pattaya is known for Thai massages. After a day long playtime around the sea, it was just too luring to get one. And really, that was so relaxing with perfect timing!! :-)
Floating market is a little over-hyped! The concept is definitely good but the market is generally away from the city and over-priced compared to the street stores in Pattaya. However, it is just a different experience so we did go and bought a few things as a norm :-P
Our next trip was to Bangkok - a very overly jammed city, be it with vehicles, people or houses! It is so difficult to commute by roads. The best way to see places around is on foot.
We visited quite a few buddha temples - gold buddha, reclining buddha, sitting buddha, standing buddha and etc. So many temples and it looked like Buddhism was one of the ways to attract tourists to their city. It almost looked like Indian temples with only one idol everywhere. Its like how Tirupathi to India.
The next day we went to a safari park where we witnessed - Orangutan boxing, Seals show, Cowboy stunts, Dolphins show and the normal zoo. The best was Dolphins show and they really were amazingly intelligent animals. One more interesting part about the safari world was its washrooms which make you feel like standing in the middle of a real forest!
That evening was one of the most romantic nights! We went on a cruise for a lovely dinner for 2hours. Rich Indian and continental food was laid out with a Thai singer singing hindi songs in the background!!. We tapped to the rythm for nearly an hour and it was super fun dance with many unknown folks!!. The weather outside was brilliant to go and take fresh air every now and then :-)

The next day we had to check out for Airport and since we did not have much time the days before, we went to shop at 6am in the morning!! And shopped till 11am to cover enough for both the familes, packed everything with great struggle and then headed to the airport.
Overall a very contented trip with full of fun, masti and new adventures. Was relieved to get back to Delhi as well which welcomed us with its pleasant November wintry air!
Check out the space for next blog on a new destination very soon!! :-) :-)


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Ritesh Agarwal said...

Thailand is in my travel bucket list.....i so much wanna do parasailing.....i so envy u for now.....but koi baat nahi....mera bhi waqt aayega......then i will also blog shaan se

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