First time I watched the movie when i was in my 9th standard... Without any doubt, I cried after the movie... After that i must have watched umpteen times.. n still i cry! There is something that is so unusual about the movie... "Hymn to the Sea" gets played over and over in the end which makes your heart wrench!

The movie was almost impeccable except for that shot where Rose tries to commit suicide on the deck. The graphical scene was off there and also the gush of ocean air was missing. I was told that most of the movie was shot in a swimming pool and the extraploation to ocean was really magnificent.

After watching Titanic, I read several articles about the reasons as to why the ship sank indeed. A few discussions in a nutshell below:
  1. The makers of the ship had such pride about the "unsinkable" ship that they made it run at a high speed in the night which made it almost impossible to take a full turn to escape ice berg
  2. The rivets used in the ship were made of iron instead of steel, which could have prevented the wreckage
  3. The message sent over the radio was not addressed to in time
  4. There were insufficient life boats
There can be several deductions....but the RMS Titanic carrying over 2200 passengers sank on the 15th of April, 1912. Only about 700 people could get out of death trap and remaining souls joined the greater Atlantic Ocean forever. May be Titanic is hyped. One of the reasons could be the movie itself. And as always, I loved watching it again on 3D!!!


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Titanic is one of my favorite movies...but I am yet to watch it in 3D. :-(

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