Childhood Adventures!! (Part 1)

Other day I went to a place where i did my schooling. Its been like almost 10years since I left the place (Nalgonda). On the way from Hyderabad to my childhood place, i got carried away with lot many awesome awesome memories!! I must say, i had my own adventurous days!

I used to be a Tom-boy when i was at skool. Most of my friends were guys and i used to be a lot sportier (Alas!! I am becoming an old-fag now :( ! ). Nalgonda was totally surrounded by hills. In fact, the early morning view from my bedroom used to be a huge and lovely mountain, those days (I so miss it now!). Had u lived there, you would ve done some random trekking for sure! The mountains just call you to do so....And so goes my story.....

That was Friday morning and we just had geography lessons on various kinds of soils etc. And we all started having discussions on the kinds of soils. One of my group mates hyped saying that we can find all that was taught in the lessons near "that" mountain. We were suprised and excited and finally decided to go and mount on that have-it-all-mountain! We used to believe that we should learn everything practically, you see :D

So we started our expedition. I bet some 20 of us showed up. We did not have any cool shoes. All of us decided to wear drill shoes and some pants. We all met at poly-techique college on bi-cycles and rode all together from there to foot of the mountain. We got really hard chains and bound all the cycles together so that no one can steal any. It was a pleasant morning. And we started climbing.

It was like walking slanty. Did not have any difficulty at all. We reached the top of the mountain within an hour's time. But our destination was not reaching atop. The mountain was more like a rectangle. We started from one end and we wanted to walk across from one corner on the top to another. More so because we heard there was a hidden fort at the other :P

By the time we reached top, we were all hungry and the sun was already too hot. So we opened our boxes and had happy lunch. And then we again started talking about a few more escapades, adventure stories and believed them all :D. After a while, we started moving ahead to other corner. Surprisingly, this path was tougher to cross as it was more rocky than the one below which led us to top of the mountain. So sometimes we slipped as well. But we thought we should discover the fort before we leave. And crossed 3/4 of the path. And suddenly we heard a hiss and we saw a ptich black cobra and we all felt we would die any moment. Firstly, we cant run as the path was already so slippery and second the snake was looking right at us. We thought one of us gonna be the victim any moment...

End of Part 1


Priya Chilamkurthi said...

i knw childhood memories can never be repeated.. i miss thm too.. :( waiting for part - 2 :)

The Furobiker said...

abey! story to khatam kar?

dont tell me that you have been dead since past 20 years! :O :O :O


Unknown said...

mountain????!!!!:-o :-o Tht was just a damn hill.

and you guys nvr reached atop!!liar! liar!

Suresh Kumar said...

Great adventure! Poor snake... I believe it must have been scared to death on seeing 20 kids at the same time :) lets wait and see

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