Chinese Onam!

One of the advantages of Exchange Program..... yes, indeed..... exchanging cultures as it truly means! and i hate to say that i din put any efforts learning the invincible chop-stick-eating-style!

I made good Hongkong friends during my stay in France... who are sweet to the core.... today, wen i spoke to one of my HK friends, i came to know about this Festival... which they call it "The Duanwu Festival"... bt i call it "The Chinese Onam". :)
On this day, they eat something called "dumplings".... when i searched on net, i just renamed it for my sake, as pseudo-momos!

coming to the point....How and Why its Chinese Onam??!! just check out the pics below :)

This is our Onam! Celebrated extravagantly in Kerala

now comes the pic in talk..... the Chinese Onam a.k.a Duanwu Festival.....

doesn't it look the same? well, my friend was definitely surprised to learn about Onam... he said, its almost the same how its done there.... bt he was more amazed when i said it's celebrated just in one state in India!

well, people always say the same thing.... apart from the Slumdog fame v got with the movie....if u ask any outsider about any good thing in India, they would say its "The Indian Culture".... very varied... but i always wonder, if too many differences are any good!


Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese Onam :P

Rakesh S said...

Good finding.

Tamtam said...

Haha Divya you're so cute !!! Chinese onam!! Miss u so much!! hahhaa... seems like I just walked u to my place to have dinner yesterday... definitely hoping that we'll see each other soon :)

Shivudu Bhuvanagiri said...

My guess is that - Lack of proper water bodies in middle India...over a period of time, we would have lost the tradition of celebrating that festival. Of course, it is still quite surprising see that Kerala, being at the bottom of India and China, well situated at top... whole India standing in between....have this festival in common :)

PS: Btw, I learned how to eat with chop-sticks :D

The Furobiker said...

happy chinese onam

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