Blood Group Commotion

As a sincere non-medical individual... i always used simple equation to comprehend the blood group origin... m sure most of the population who fall in my category also make the same estimation!

B + B = B
O + B = O or B

but i was thrilled to learn that B + B = O or B

and A + B can be 'A' or 'B' or 'O' or 'AB'.

I now know the solution.. but m not disclosing it... if anyone seriously interested, do ring up one of your doctor frnds and learn that... its definitely interesting :)

Nothing is simple with Medical Sciences... i mean to say, simple accidents cause major complications... silly copper plates create dangerous allergic reactions... crazy capsules casusing craziest deaths!!! trust me, Medicine is as much intriguing as the History of Pyramids...there are zillion reasons why one can have pimples!!!

Yet, its doctors we look upto... they change us..... they change our lives.... most of the times with genuine efforts!!!

I end the blog with a sincere salute to Hippocrates!!!


The Furobiker said...

nice informative blog..

Amrita said...

but but what made u write this in the first place?
and truly docs are someone we look up to and its damn difficult to be one

Gaurav Jain said...

gosh,this post seriously forced me to think about doctors as hippocrates.

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