Yeh Meri Life Hain..!!

jaane kya dhoondtha hain yeh mera dil....
Really,its always been a conundrum...wish to unravel it some day....
When i was a kid, whatever i observe used to be my kindling-goal..till the time i eye at something more fascinating :D
look at the star-studded, i m gonna touch it someday..Astronaut!!
hutch!! sneeze!!! pay a visit to a handsome doc..Listen, i ve changed my mind!!
Watch an awesome action movie...Commando..hey, i got it, its really challenging to be a policeman oops policewoman :O
not to mention bt almost all the professional and non-professional fields i knew were my dream roles,then..and now...

sometimes i wonder, where am i??what am i?? After 10th std, i took maths stream..well, tht was a bit interesting than biology which the crowd was following..took electronics...y?? its noway tht i was/am fond of electronic gadgets...after tht software then again shifted to networking!!! Finally,by the end of the day...did i achieve what i wanted??

Not just mine, if u ponder...u ll ve the same questions this a sacrifice?? a worthy one?? Too many questions...!!!

If people saw "Jab We Met"...A truth extracted frm the are the one solely responsible for ur acts and atleast thats the pleasure u get..."Your Life" after the same time can v be indifferent to relationships!!!

wait a sec, what am i doin here?? Am i confusing u?? Bt i m confused too!!! But,my sincere attempts here, jus to focus how crucial it is to have independent thots and implement them reasonably...coz,wat matters in the end is whether "We Lived the Short-Living Life" :)

waise,i have taken a marry a guy i ll fall in love wid(all blushes)...quite independent u see :D


The Furobiker said...

ahem..!whose tht guy?

Unknown said...

No doubt you are an ariean

Srikanth Sana said...

haha ... i think i have bit more time to think of it ... merante aunties uncles aipoyaru kabtti ee probs ... maakem levu gaa... :P

Ashwini Prasad Kalapala said...

one doubt .. are you confused about that guy too ... i mean which one to choose :D

Divya Khanna said...

waqt aane par bataadungi :)

tht proves an arian :O
thank you :D

excuse me...appude aunty enti babu :O

haan..confused yar, help karna :P

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

i will fall in love matlab :O

§øµм♂ ... said...

waise,i have taken a marry a guy i ll fall in love wid(all blushes)...quite


thank gawd....@last u hv changed ur decision...i was worried bout ya.... marry a guy...


thankx for ur contribution 2wards other gals.....:P

§øµм♂ ... said...

Did you like this blog?


It was great

Awesome blog...



wot z dis??? :X

put some -ves also...:D

Divya Khanna said...

hehe...soumo aka soumya...
its my turn nw to worry abt girls...coz of u :P

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