Nature's Call....

Coorg...sounds sumthn like shipping commodity!!! Hehe..well, its a beautiful place in Karnataka...some 3hr journey frm mysore...Its da only place i visited during my stay in Mysore...must say, quite punching the keyboard :)

no proper itinerary...jus started off around 6am in da morning by bus... 11 of us...3 guys and 8 girls..well,tht was kind of proper bus...i mean TV, audio system working well...frm da moment v got into the bus, v started eating sumthn or da other... crappin...n also singing :O

our way to Coorg was thru woods...not nethn cn be as beautiful as the color green..the expression of “awe” while viewing the tallest trees, cool breeze, the sun trying its best to shower its rays thru thickly covered branches...mountains behind—blanketed wid all fog...the echoes-if u want to hear ur own name called by mother-nature...the ghat roads which quickens ur pulse wenever the road goes too steep...those moments are enuf to experience what happiness is all it or alone or in a group...

v had this oppurtunity to witness a few animals like elphants,deers,jackels,loads of monkeys...u see, talkin abt them is different n standing rite b4 them quite oblivious to their next moves is definitely exciting...after all, they come frm different social group!! a thought crossed my mind, how abt campin here in these forests!!! well, believe me all tht at-last-inside-the-forest made me go really adventure-cultured girl...haha...but wid tht single statement, i had to endure are-you-nuts expressions frm rest of the team...huh!!! hope one day....!!!!

the journey was lovely until v reached IPRU waterfalls...there was a temple at the was incomplete bt still so complete with the stillness around except for the symphony of roaring waterfalls...the sounds were so welcomin tht v were already floatin in air to get to them... the freshness in the air...filled the head to the fullest...ready to get into the water...the beauty of the cascade is sumthn nt to be put in words..the cool waves of winds pulling u to play and jump in the water.. pulled-up jeans and stepped into it...chilled water...freezin the in a matter of seconds, my body became numb and addicted to it...already weathered rocks...algae on it...makes u dance on this frictionless floor...haha, bt thts da fun u see, playing against the nature...

water everywhere...n my frnds wont stop splashing mugs of water on eachother...sprinklin the drop whenever a human body appears nearby...there was a wooden passage to move frm one end to other was on its every1 started jumpin like monkeys to live to upto ancestral expectations :D

watever v did was at the foot of the waterfalls...the dying desire to have a glimpse of its origin pulled me to reach the top...n still confused,if its a good or bad decision as v lost da chance of seeing a black cobra hissing...can u imagine!!! huh!!! bt the way back was quite frigthenin also exciting, as all bushes surrouding tht alleyway...there was a feelin tht black crop might pop-up before us netime :O time ticks though u want to stun, so had to leave bt takin loads of all-the-time-fresh memories wid me...Evergreen!!!

people say nature can cure ailments which medicine cant...its presence enraptures us with absolute still, we dont realise what we are missing...a short trip to the eternal world, n there we are perceiving the true beauty and happiness and enlightening ourselves wid da fact tht there is more in this world...more to experience...more to love...tht is savouring the nature’s beauty and conserving it by protecting it :)


Srikanth Sana said...

haha ... thot of staying in there with ur frnds .... :O .... thinking further more ... in cinematic style ... navvu aapukoleka chastunnam ... btw ... liked the first post more than the second ....

The Furobiker said...

geee.. i knw more details abt ur trip ;)

Shivudu Bhuvanagiri said...

Well written !! Hope to see more n more as time passes by !!

Haaa.. traveling is one the great things to do!! I also started doing it. Lets see if I can bag the same experience. I can go on... but let me not make the comments look like posts itslef [:P]

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

the way u expressed..i literally had my own trip to coorg too...but it wud had been wonderful..if ya had included da pics too..

grt...loved it :P

n btw how sardar kno moree detail abt ur trip
** raised eyebrow**


Divya Khanna said...

hehe..never stop laughs...go on :D

kay pata hain tereko?? :O

thanks a lot :)

thanx bro..vil work on ur suggestion for descriptive blogs :)

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