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It’s the season of marriages. More so arranged ones. I know at least 4 of my friends in the same team getting hitched before the year end. I see them on the phones all the while… chatting/ talking with all the blushes and grins, texting furiously with all the lively expressions… Courtship before the wedding is the best phase in arranged marriages… which made me think about my life so far….

It’s been more than 4years of relationship with the Furobiker. There have been many ups and very few lows (we are yet to be married ;-)). 4years is old compared to 4 weeks but I am glad for the memorable moments that I had during the course. May be its good to describe a few in the point format as below: (Note that “him” refers to “the Furobiker”)
  • The time when we moved ahead from “seeing each other” to “in a relationship”     
  •  Loved the fighting spirit against his bosses whenever I dreaded to see him right away
  •  All the gluttonous luncheons that we had outside the IIFT hostel and the innumerable visits to Andhra Bhavan!
  •  All the trips outside Delhi and the escapades around those
  • I remember the day we walked by the road, hand-in-hand, in chilly Delhi winters when we knew that I would be gone to France and he to Johannesburg and would not be able to see each other for a few months
  • I remember the day when I had to move back to Hyderabad and he had to go on his ordeal to Romania alone
  •  And when he came back from Romania for a week and spent a stretch of sleepless nights to spend 15hours of together-talks in Hyderabad. Tears of Joy!
  • The long distance relationships, desperately looking forward to meet next time and the warmth of “I miss you”s
  • The moment when he told the truth to his parents
  • The moment when I told the truth to my parents
  • When we got hooked up officially and cribbed later on for missing out on meeting privately ;-)
  • The happiness at every step
I can’t imagine a smoother and lovelier path than the one I am journeying on presently. Perhaps, it’s one of the best decisions to have him as a partner for the rest of my life. I don’t judge which is better, arranged or love marriages, but I can tell you that when you are with the best companion, life is worth enjoying forever. And I am ready to enter the next phase of my life with him and his family J


Vandita said...

:)4 years :)

and the distances made your bond even stronger... Loved this : "when you are with the best companion, life is worth enjoying forever."

Welcome to the new phase of life where there will be no distances... more walks...and even more talks...

When you come back home all tired and stressed out and one pat on your back, one smile makes you feel life with all its bumps and rides is so totally worth living and celebrating!

Very nice post...

khushi said...

such a cute post! :)
Congratulations..and wish you many more happy moments with him!

btw when is the D-Day ??

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

I guess the last point sums it all up :)
Happy Marrying the Furobiker ;) :D

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

Truly blissful and sho shweet :D

Amrita said...

Purani yaadein taaza kar di :( I miss courting K :) hehehe though being married is not a bad deal either.
Things will change, but always for the better.
Wish all the very best to the 2 bloggers i love to follow :)

Manish said...

The reader does try to link incidents with his / her life while reading the blog... so captivating from that angle !!

But Ms. Kodati... you have taken a shortcut... each bullet has 10's of mini sweet moments ... guess you should share top 5 (at least) from that sweet memories pack (with some filmsy / or otherwise details)... unless its not reaching Fanatic levels !! :P

Geetha Madhuri said...

Very nice post...It clearly shows how much you are in love with him!!!
May your journey together be happier than ever!

Kavs said...

What a sweet post Divs! Wish you and the Furobiker very many happy times ahead! :) There's nothing like marrying someone you love and if the one happens to be your friend, that's the best thing to happen to you my friend.
Have a blast in Dec - sorry to miss your wedding. :(

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