Wedding Updates

Been long.... should have looked at it every now and then... but being me I din do that... in any case... feels good to write again :)

Life has just been the same work-wise.. last time to this time.. I might just look more old, more worn out and more plump... symptoms of working hard... hold on.. actually just "working"!!

However, on personal front I have big news to share. To give you a hint... I have started to condemn Indian (read Punjabi) weddings and its pompous nature (pun super-"intended")! No points or pints for guessing and yes, I am gonna get hooked up :)

Wedding is the time where you see most of the differences between various cultures... I am a Telugu and it is a tradition to wear half-white saris in the wedding... On the other hand, Punju culture would not encourage wearing anything of White for a year... Telugu weddings are generally silent, calm and can be expected to end in 3-4hours... On the contrary, Punju would be anything but "Silence" and it goes on...!

It is not just these two cultures, Bengali, Tamil, Mallu, Marathi, Marwari and so on. Everything has it's own way of grandeur. I wonder how and where did the differences come from?! Nonetheless, variety is always good and now it is India's brand :)

It is not just about Indian weddings actually... In fact, I heard that "Wedding Planner" market is very profitable in Europe. I was talking to a Belgian Senior Manager and he was telling me that the party would go for whole day with continuous supply of wine and cheese. It is darn exorbitant!

For me any kind of wedding is fine.. as long as it makes everyone happy... and i truly believe wedding is not about being extravagant but it is about marriage... and I am so looking forward to it, specially in Delhi winters! :) :)


The Furobiker said...

u r getting married!! Wow! Congratulations!!!!

U didnt even tell me!

faguni jain said...

great post! :) and welcome to planning a wedding according to two entirely different set of customs :) lol...

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