The CFA!

Oh yes.... I am sure CFA is an awesome exam... its globally recognized.... hail the CFA certificate, you have automatically become an international flier! And you have a cool identity of Financial Analyst certified by the CFA Institute itself!

I do understand the pros of it.... but I know what I want to do.... Its easy for people to say if you are in the finance game, you need to play the cards with the CFA trick... I absolutely don't want... why? May be I want other things to do in life.... But no, if you want to be in the race, you need to just follow the wind... run and run although I just might feel its not what I want...

I go to office, many folks are giving CFA... let them... I wish them luck and its their dream... But the story never ends there... he/ she is giving CFA... so you need to as well... for your career progression, you ought to do it... else you are so screwed!

I go to my boy friend to spit out my anguish... And there he comes with a wonderful idea that... Its very essential to build your brand... just give it... everyone in your field gives! Whoa, I do have some support here!

I come back home.... my dad asks me when I am going to take it.... !!! When I reply I don't think I want to, I was advised to ask experts in the field, who would inevitably give me the same damn suggestion!!

Its been 4years since my engg... I am still trying to figure out why the hell did I do that? I never knew its importance in the first place... I never bothered to learn so... I wanted to do MBA and I am really glad that I am one now... But just to be a part of rat race, I don't want to end up giving the tests... I want to do many other things... I might want to learn new languages.... I want to watch "more" movies... I want to visit more places... I want to be creative.... Or I just want to sleep forever..... But in the end, I am gonna do what I want!!!!

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Ashish Surana said...

As i had said the other day...the problem with race is you can only run fast by taking CFA n can never win the race.

Do what you feel like and follow what's good for you not what others are saying :-)

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