I know this might sound absolutely weird, but it is now.....that i am actually watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. In my defense, better late than never!

Although it might sound like repetitive, it truly is an amazing, funny and entertaining show. I just get glued to the show over the weekends, and i just dread to go to office on Mondays!!! Neways, keeping aside usual work-life.... I wanted to just describe my favourites on Friends!

I think I will first go with Joey... not that he is very cute... but he is extremely darn funny! I mean the way he messes up things when people around discuss something and he has got absolutely no clue on whats actually happening around! His expressions are just amazing!

My next vote goes to Pheobes... I guess she is so audacious that it puts you to death out of laughter. I have never really seen anyone like that in my life and I would be really glad to meet such a person indeed!

My 3rd position is actually a tie between Chandler and Ross. I guess they entertain more or less the same. Chandler's criticism is actually cool with some funny analogies... the part where he makes Joey go for Joesph Stalin is so hilarious... And Ross' immature flirting skills and his excuses are just so watchable!

I was just considering how can i relate people around me with these characters. One person who actually mixes up all the guy characters is him. I guess more of Joey and Chandler together and less of Ross. I do have got lots of friends but I am still trying to give each one a character... And trust me, this exercise is real fun!!!! :)


The Furobiker said...

m more of chandler :D

MangoMan said...

Ah! The memories! I have 30gigs of Friends on my hard disk that I'm never gonna delete! I'll probably watch a couple of episodes right away!

Priya Chilamkurthi said...

i always wanted to watch but missed.. thnx fr reminding.. :)

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