South-Indian Attributes??

Couple of years ago, it was surprising to learn how people know so less about four different states of India and how can they assume everything to be one. But now I am so used to it after facing several strange conversations about "South-Indian attributes". The following scenarios are just a few instances. Read and Enjoy :-)

Scenario 1: Recently I was talking to an acquaintance at cafeteria and came across this topic - "Idli".

Acquaint: So I assume you are going to order Idli? 

Me: I don't like Idli. I find it bland actually

Acquaint: Aren't you a South Indian?? How can you not like Idli?

Me (Surprised): Same way you don't like Karela (bitter melon)???

Scenario 2: I know that South Indian Idli/ Vada/ Dosas are very popular. Check out the conversation below:

Non-me: Tell me one thing? Do you guys eat only Idli and Dosa whole day?

Me: Why????

Non-me: I haven't heard any South-Indian eating anything else??

Me: You are just too illiterate to even start explaining (Pheww!!)

Scenario 3: Me being a Hyderabadi, my favorite all-time dish is biryani.

2nd Person: What is your favorite dish?

Me: Chicken Biryani :-D

2nd Person: But Biryani is not a South-Indian dish

Me: Biryani is so popular in Hyderabad and I just love it!

2nd Person: That is prepared by Muslims and not a South-Indian dish 

Me: Hyderabad is in Southern part of India and even I can cook biryani :-P

Scenario 4: All South-Indian languages are illegible for majority of Indians. Agreed. But....

Friend: Can you read what is this?

Me: No, I guess this is either Malayalam or Tamil

Friend: So why can't you read it?

Me: I can read and write Telugu and to some extent read Kanada. I have no clue about Tamil or Malayalam

Friend: But they all look like coils to me??!!! 

Me: Whewwww 

These are just a few to name. It used to be infuriating initially but now I guess it is just funny to see how people judge without cognizance. Once a colleague of mine started cursing Hyderabad and the unknown language which is spoken there. I heard everything and then simply said "I am from Hyderabad and I speak that strange language". You should see his face and it still reminds me how comical the situation was :-D :-D

You might not be able to change a few things when you hail from a place, such as: Accent, Habits, Customs, Mannerisms, Facial Features etc. But it is not appropriate to define how someone should be. For example, I love pizzas or burgers or sizzlers as much as I love dosas (or even more!). And I like Delhi just as much as I like Hyderabad. In the end, remember, it is.....

One love, one heart, one destiny


Swati said...

:):):)....... i lv d dosa, d idli, d uttapam, d upma n d vda.. bt m d punjabi :P

Deepak said...

Ha ha good one

Lovely Krishna said...

Haha it brings back my MBA memories. People were so illiterate they just used to assume south India is nothing but Tamil Nadu. They don't even know there are four states out there. Every body speaks Tamil by default. Phew

Mandar said...

Good one!

I was hoping to read a comment about "Madras" :P

Tomichan Matheikal said...

When vada are served once a week at breakfast in my school, my students ask me whether it's my favourite breakfast. I find that quite amusing. Stereotypes.

Dinesh said...

good post...can relate myself to this post wow

Ritesh Agarwal said...

I can totally understand he emotions u go thru. Btw, i m a north indian kinda but i love dosas.

Ps- I am one of those who will expect u to know n speal tamil, telugu, malyalam, kannad n whatever else....for me, they are like one n same. :P

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