Mood-off Therapy!

There would be times when you feel so tired and frustrated with almost everything under the sun. There might be a few insignificant insecurities which bother you for really no good reason. And you feel a constant prick. These sorts of things are very mundane in your work life. You might be irritated with your boss, colleagues, work etc. Are you expected to to just dullen your life? How many times on a day you utter - "I am so bored", "It is so boring"? Just because you are annoyed, the world would not change for you. So, you need to swim to the brim of the bottle all by yourself!!

The blog is not to pick all the crap that happens in life. It is more on how to kill it. During those times, some people might want to meet their friends, talk to their family, go for a drink, meet a psychiatrist etc. One of my therapies to loosen up yourself is to watch movies!! Not just any, specifically light ones. In fact, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S also would do. One of the reasons why I started friends was this. Instead of thinking about any nonsense, I used to look forward to just go home, watch friends and have a few laughs. Check F.R.I.E.N.D.S out!

Now coming to movies, there are numerous which I like more because of the mood drift they brought in me while watching the same. To name a few, Polar express, Kung Fu Panda (1&2), The Holiday, The Proposal, If Only etc. They are after all just movies but the fact that they engross you to the extent that you feel positivity smoothly flowing in you is just so captivating. They might not have affected others the same way they did to you because circumstances matter the most. To me its a shift from bad mood to light one. By the way, the list is always on my hard-drive and I sometimes end up watching during office hours as well ;-) ;-)

On a different note, Retail therapy clicks as well. Delhi summer is just too killing to even think of any such but shopping alone works wonders. You don't have to comply with anyone's suggestions or make the other person agree with you. Hence you can just buy whatever you like at the very first sight . The best part being it is all for you!!

Did you ever feel happy when you have a delectable dish?? Yes, food is a blessing in disguise for me. If I am really sad, my Mom used to cook my favorite and I used to be all well instantly. Not always can you ask your Mom to do so but yes, good food is just awesome!! Try it!!

The monotonous stuff in life is unavoidable. You just can't expect to be on holiday everyday. At least I can't due to several constraints. There are 365days in a year and I intend to shun away from the routine for a minimum of 50days. I know this is an aggressive target and haven't ended up achieving till date. At any rate, what about the rest 300 odd days? Try all the ways to keep yourself happy. It will not do to be in the darkness of agony all the time... just search for the light.
They say that we could see light in the darkness as well, eventually :-) :-)


Anonymous said...

log psychiatrist k pas b jaate h insab k lie??? Bhaisaab sab frendz,bbt pe tut pado...bahut paise bavh jaenge :P

Vandita said...

try some chocolate fudge
and what about maggie... a sure shot mood changer ;)

Anonymous said...

hmmm... some change is required :) Right. Good one.

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