Women in a relationship ;-)

This blog has been long pending. Whenever I recover from a petty fight, I think of writing this blog in a funny way but my laziness prevails and I end up not doing it. Thanks to my 3-day fever, I have got nothing but time to finally materialise this blog :-P

Relationships are sometimes tricky and funny. Having been in a relationship for more than 9 years now, I do find dealing with nuances once a while is not a bad idea! Specially because it is so easy for men to get into that nonchalant and my-head-is-absolutely-empty mode quite often, where they tend to experience mental peace with not even a single idea popping inside. On the other hand, empty heads are so alien and in some ways threat to women. So the balancing act for this equation usually is a small silly nuance.

Its not that women don't understand the logic, but they just want to play around with that empty head so that they get some attention - because you absolutely don't understand why such a useless response! For example, you have performed a laborious task of cooking something exotic and you would like some appreciation.. which most of the times comes as a very feeble signal or worst none at all! Not recognizing the pretty dress she bought a few months ago and the event where she wore it looking all pretty for you (this is a lie... usually its for everyone, major attention seekers you see :-P). Women not only think about what they wear but also what others around her are wearing. And for all this effort, there comes no appreciation!

Different women have different styles to express the anger by not really expressing it. For example, throwing taunts, sending indirect messages, giving anecdotes or not talking at all. My personal choice is not talking at all. Mind you, it is very very tough but it is good for three reasons: 1) you can avoid any crazy loud talks; 2) you give the other person sufficient time to ponder over what could have possibly gone wrong; and 3) frankly, even you need a break from taking care of everything sometimes.

Sometimes there is genuine ignorance and sometimes they are just differently perceived notions. But women are from Venus so they get affected more and hence the tactics. But the first step of caring always comes from women without any expectation. I remember my senior manager quoting this - "even i put long hours at work. But it is strange that only I end up thinking about what should I cook for dinner or breakfast the next day. My husband never even thinks about it". To be honest, she wasn't complaining there and she just said as a matter of fact.

Some people might go on arguing that why should women do the things they have been doing - cooking, cleaning, prettifying the house etc. Yes, they absolutely don't have to. But they will do it anyways because that's their innate natural form to make things better. So if they demand some attention, give it. If they want to be pampered, do it - you are pampered by them 24/7 so its worthwhile to take some exclusive time out for them. And if they are cranky sometimes, just tolerate it :-D (you don't have a choice anyways so might as well be positive about it!)

Not-so-long story short, its good to be not so perfect in life (refer to this blog). And women would always want love to be a novel, men a short story... So the saga continues... :-)


noopur said...
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noopur said...

Very nice description of the two versions of human species. . Though they complement each other yet there are quite a lot differences in characteristics. Not sure sometimes are these differences innate or because of broughting up two versions differently..

Isha said...

Interesting..really liked it! :)

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