Happy New Year 2017!!

Happy New Year!!

2016 ended on a really good note – it was all with my near and dear ones back in India! J

It is never good to be back from a long and an amazing vacation. Specially having spent that period of life where you could sleep and wake up at complete odd hours, got absolutely no work to do, got to hog onto anything and everything while still being asked to gain a few more pounds, lost count of no of teas you were consuming when you did not endeavor to make even one of those and finally, got a cute little nephew to play with! Without any surprise, I have just described what home and family is all about and the sweetness of doing nothing, dolce far niente :-)

The year 2016 has been tremendously enriching with more and more experiences added to my journey of life – happy times, sad flashes, weird moments, confusions, realisations, etc. It is worth to have gone through ups and downs in life to understand who you really are. In the end, there are no regrets but only new experiences - right or wrong is, after all, completely up to what a person thinks at a point in time.

I have lost conviction in too routine a life. Changes are good. They teach you something new. I have realised that there are so many battles within you all the time. These changes and adaptations help you realise who you really are and eventually end the battles one by one leading to “peace”.

I have always believed in being positive to the extent possible before giving up! And sometimes you have to give up because for that moment there is no other solution but to just carry on with your life, accept the circumstances and let it go. This decision also becomes easier when you see the bigger picture and what’s in store for the long run. Once it gets clearer, you will be convinced with your decision - subject to changes where and when applicable, of course J

Coming to my upgrades for the year 2016, without any self-boasting and from the above, I have grown wiser and calmer which I think are essential traits to face the upcoming and unforeseen challenges. I am now more determined and confident to face my unpredictable next. Also and again without any pomp, I have become more fashion conscious – just moving a bit closer to French style you see ;-)

Appended several movies and tv shows to my kitty – GoT, The Crown and Westworld have been the best series in 2016! If you haven’t covered those yet, go for it without any trace of doubt J

Added more escapades to my list by covering new places and countries. These have been really indelible and special to cherish for the times to come J

Lastly, I have gained a few new friends and retained my dearest old ones. Relationships play a crucial role to keep your sanity in check. My friends would agree that I would cling on to a relation if I have faith in it. I never give up on people only because they are not with me. A good relationship is beyond physical presence and if it is important to you, better keep it. In due course, you will realise who you can truly rely on in times of need and who you can only have good times with. And it is important to know the former as they would continue to be in your ever-changing-life for the years to follow.  

On an ending note to the blog, I am going to follow “the cliché” - conclude a new year blog with new resolutions. Historically, I have never followed my resolutions like many of you. But for 2017, I am determined to keep up with the following:
1)    Become more French (minus the laziness) – a shift from English to French will be quite a challenge!
2)    Pen down my thoughts into something more tangible
3)    Experience more Europe – places, food and culture

Hope you will live up to your resolutions as well!

“For last year's words belong to last year's language 
And next year's words await another voice.” 
- T.S.Eliot 

Family time in December 2016


Soumya said...

Well collated thoughts. Hope to see you more often in person this year.

noopur said...

Very well written Divya.. sure you will follow the new resolutions.. its been really nice getting more Connected with you last year. Cheers!!

Divya Khanna said...

I hope so too!! :-)

Divya Khanna said...

Lake district was just awesome :-)

Amit said...

Yes, that is the cultural capital of the world, so there is a lot to learn and experience there. Wish you all the very best!

Divya Khanna said...

Thank you! :-)

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