Heat + Work


This is what I see these days….!!!

I always hated to go out in the sun in summers… I made sure that I leave early in the morning and come back after the sun sets… this was the story in school, college, first job, MBA, internship etc.

Alas! Its no more the case… my client meets start at 11am in the morning and end at 5pm in the evening. That means all the peak hours m bound to travel here n there… sumtimes by car and most of the times by auto… and i must say, Delhi is HOT!

Keeping this one aside, I look crazily forward to my weekends. Even if I ve work to do on weekends, that is still fine… atleast I m sitting at home and not traveling to client places… and I realize the importance of holidays and rest days… other day I was actually discussing this point with my colleagues that there should be a holiday on Wednesday too… so that people can work on 4days with lot more enthusiasm :)

Well, we are in India, even on weekends we have work, let alone a holiday on weekday. Its considered that stretching out in the office is our birth right with no extra pay. This is not just in India… but with Indians. One of my friends, working abroad, was expected to work extra as he is from India!! Crap! But yea, when you are abroad atleast you can voice out by doing comparative analysis and fight for the cause, which is what he precisely did :)

I think lots of cribbing about the work culture n blah blah. But unless and until you crib about your current one, you cant dream high. And yea, BE GREEDY while aspiring :D


Unknown said...

Good one!!! Even I am cribbing these days and thats the only reason that pushed me into the job hunting zone!

A holiday on wednesday would be PERFECT! Have discussed this so many times at office...But ALAS, the real world is far from Perfect:(

Take care!
Good luck:)

Readers Dais said...

when we dream of being on top of in a career graph, and to reach there faster, naturally we do have to slog, but we also have to set in mind a time frame where we are in a position to demand things....
indians are spread around the world coz they are hadworking....
but here where i am,i feel its hard to succeed in our country than abroad...those who are really smart....
if u r in the begining of ur career...give time to prove ur mettle...all the best :)

MangoMan said...

interning presently.
roads of jharkhand.

do i need to say more how much i could relate?

Ayswarya said...

whoa dont come to a conclusion that we are in India , we hav to work on weekends, if yu are an Indian, even if yu travel abroad yu need to work on weekendds.... take me for the best example:(

Suresh Kumar said...

Yups... holiday on wednesday... not a bad idea.
That reminds me of a quote. After Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says WTF... :)
Seems many agree to the view of cribbing as a source of internal motivation :) I don't have a view as I am my own boss :)

Sumedha said...

well.. i say asians in gen.. have this kinda culture.. read this blog guys.. u might feel happy its better here..


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