My Life is, My Message!

There can't be a better day to say this line but today!
as this message lives for Our Father of the Nation! Who stood out to explain to the UK and indeed to whole world that India has those spiritual values with which it is capable of nurturing itself !!

Words would fall short to describe him. There are many contradictory ideas about his acts and works. One thing which every soul would agree with me is the clear fact that he was(is) a Great Leader!! Gandhi lived with his values... throughout his life... He was religious but he respected the natural human morale, "to me myself, to you yourself".

I have been to Gandhi memorial recently in New Delhi. It spoke many great things about Gandhi, it kept the remnants of Gandhi's Chakra and many more small things which he used while he lived( i dont think so!). Well, what's more important is the feel it creates when u suddenly realise that Gandhi indeed lived here!! The above picture is the place where Gandhi was shot in his backyard.

Today being Oct 2nd, I dedicate this post to M.K.C. Gandhi, for living his life so as to lead others!!! Jai Hind!!!


The Furobiker said...

gandhiji ko happy burthday

Soumya said...

yeah it was a very good feeling being in the place where once Ghandiji lived.

He can nevr be forgotten , the same blog repeats for years, till India survives to be a free nation.

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