1st Sunday of Aug!

A Very Very Happy Friendship Day!

To everyone and none :)

Well, that was just to make it “sound” humorous… n I accede my defeat in not creating so :P

A few people might have the objection for celebrating Friendship Day on just one particular day, as if they celebrate every other morning! But just come to think of it, not every day you can go back and feel your school days, college days, all the fun days!!! Its just the time that is to be blamed, which just tries to make the good old days shun away from our lives for all good….

So just be happy for whatever you are…. And just be happier that you have friends on whose shoulders you can cry…. On whose back you can sit…. on whose bums you can spank :D

Don’t forget to ring up your friends with whom you had best of the times… its high time you ping them and swear…. Have a Happy Day! :)


Soumya said...

Yeah I accept , its one such special day where u can give surprises to loved ones ..

Surprise you see ;):P


♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

sho shweet...

happy frndhsip day...

The Furobiker said...

happy friendship day :)

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