Two months - Postpartum

It is true that things do get better for mothers each week postpartum in terms of recovery. First month was by far the toughest and one will see good recovery from the second month onward - although active gym-type-running and previous normalcy would still be a distant dream. As the French saying goes - 9 mois pour faire, et 9 mois pour defaire - translates to 9 months to do and 9 months to undo. So still a long way to embrace new normalcy but that doesn't stop you from doing day to day activities and full baby + self care. 

As the mother is recovering and on maternity leave, naturally she will start to worry more about the baby now! To top it, the baby starts to display growth spurts, sleep regression and some indigestion problems which will be the biggest concerns for the mother in the second month. A baby needs at least a full quarter for any possible setting with the digestive system as this is one process which develops only after the baby is born. 

After the first month, I have noticed a cycle of indigestion, recovery and wellness literally every week. I suppose the baby is trying to gulp larger quantities but given their digestive system is yet to be developed, they go through the phase of gas troubles which every parent, unfortunately, has to witness. Smaller to bigger vomiting are given and the parents need to muster up courage thinking its all for good as the baby is making an attempt to clear their petite stomach. 

In the 2nd month, the baby starts to throw brief smiles which gives hope to parents after a difficult first month. They smile after the feed, before falling asleep, while asleep and occasionally acknowledging the presence of parents. I believe every baby looks innocent and super cute when they smile. I even had a chance to see her laugh in her sleep which made me cry out of happiness - although it lasted only 2 seconds! But this started becoming more frequent towards the end of the second month so look forward to those cute little smiles and laughter in the coming months :-)

The sounds of baby are the cutest experiences which they start in the second month - my baby sometimes starts to make sounds as if she is conversing with us. She even has voice modulation when she does these cooing sounds. She is also observing things when I move around, when I pick a cup of tea to drink, when I am checking my mobile and disregarding her, when my husband and I talk to each other and when do video calls with the family. Her acknowledgement comes in the form of constant stare and small shouts to gain attention. Babies are growing after all...

All in all, the sleepless nights or shorter naps at nights continued in this month although the baby recognized the difference between day and night and thankfully less fussy at night so sleeps relatively quickly after the feed. The baby even starts to give small hints when they want to sleep.

Each month is a proud milestone for parents as the baby is growing by day but month by month comparison is crystal clear and definitely amazes us! This is just the beginning but always good to gather little joys of life! :-)

Au revoir until the 3rd month ends....


Soumya said...

"..acknowledgding the presence of parents..' - hahaha that's funny and must be very reassuring for parents ☺️

Vandita said...

Well you have taken a new role of being the mommy.
Observing and documenting and cherishing all tini mini details and huge milestones.
Although seeing a baby grow is the most amazing feeling but the first year is so very special in many ways!
All the firsts and when the baby just wants you and feels so assured and safe around you.
You will now realize in coming months that this love is mutual.
She observes you as much as yoz do..
And the cooing... oh that's the sweetest way for them to realise their power 😀
All my love to the new tiny human.
Would love to read more about her and your journey!❤️

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