It is all very routine!

A belated happy new year to everyone!

New year 2018 was fun, at home, with the family. It is always fun to visit India now that we don't live there. And thanks to France and its employee-friendly policies with holidays, we can actually visit India once a year!! 

I haven't made any resolutions this year unlike the last one. However, I do have a few aspirations to accomplish and would work towards those without having to name them as my new year resolutions. 

Every year has been different for me after my Engineering. So change has been part of my life for the past 10 years! It is, sometimes, surprising to learn how quickly we get on with the routine: work-home-weekend cycle. And how a routine life could easily swallow us into its abysmal certainty. Human nature craves for stability and instability hand-in-hand. When I was in the UK, moving to France was my biggest craving. And when that finally happened, I have set myself to a routine to ensure clarity. While this easy routine is happening, I feel like I am hankering after some change in parallel. 

There is nothing wrong to find new challenges. But I have realized that balance of routine is essential to avoid any possible chaos. Without stability, your mind is always wandering ultimately leading to a zone where you are nowhere. It is exciting to travel and experience new cultures but that can't be your life, after all. It is a good life as long as you have a definition of 'I am happy with my companion and the way I live'. Note - the companion could be yourself as long as you are content with your own company. 

If I see my new life starting in Jul 2017, I have had multiple cultural experiences across Europe with special thanks to the French culture. Despite its stark differences, I would recommend living in France for a year or two to equip yourself with an exciting challenge in your lifetime - it makes you go through a blend of emotions! Anyways, I have learnt that I have enjoyed the past few escapades more than I had imagined. And this is because I have a set pattern in place and taking a break from it is always rejuvenating!

In my opinion, getting swayed away with a mundane agenda with no additional activity is possibly not the best way to live life, especially in this highly-connected and hyperactive society that we live in! While routine lacks creativity, breaking the monotonous is all about imagination - planning to execution. This is worth living for!

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine...
- Mike Murdock

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